The 24Bit Podcast which features discussions on technology trends, gadgets and much more is back for Season 4. Two new episodes have gone live today, so make sure you catch up on each of them from your favourite podcast apps.

24Bit is a discussion by Kenyan bloggers:

  1. Nixon Kanali from,
  2. Emmanuel Chenze from, and
  3. Dickson Otieno from

The two new episodes are embedded down below:

S4 E1: Infinix NOTE 10 Series: A huge upgrade:

The Infinix NOTE 10 Series has recently been launched in the Kenyan market. In this episode, we cover the best features of the device, help you understand if it is a device you should consider, and tell you the things we don’t like about the phone.

S4 E2: Windows 11 is here: What to expect, and more!

Windows 11 has been announced recently. Microsoft has gone against its own promise that Windows 10 was the last version of Windows. Listen to our discussion on the things that make Windows 11 different, what you need to know about upgrading, and much much more.

The show is produced by PortableVoices Podcast Network. Reach out to them through


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