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Rafiki by Securex Review; Budget DIY Smart Home Security

A home security system is getting increasingly important for very many house-holds. This cuts across the board – whether you are renting an apartment, or you own your own home. And with more homes being connected to the internet, having smart Home Security Systems is the way to go. This is because, from wherever in the world, you will be able to know what’s going on at home.

Securex recently introduced Rafiki, a do-it-yourself home monitoring system. I’ve had it installed in the apartment I’m renting for a while now, and in this article, I will share with you my thoughts after having two sensors installed over a couple of weeks. In the end, I will let you decide if it’s all worth it for you.

For everyone interested in getting the kit, you can buy it from the Securex Marketplace.

Initial Setup:

I’ve already shared two articles on what you get and how to set up the system

  1. Article 1 – What you get, and what everything does.
  2. Article 2 – How to connect everything.

Those articles should help you with your setup process.

Securex doesn’t include a detailed setup instruction kit. Or rather, perhaps they do now. I didn’t get one in my box, and had to figure out everything alone. So, the articles above should guide you. If they’re not enough, contacting Securex to setup everything for you is also an option.

Once setup, the great thing is this: everything works. I’ve not had any issues since initial setup. What I know I will need to do in a couple of months, or weeks, is get two sets of AAA batteries for the Motion Sensor, and the Magnetic contacts.

Also, for those who will be getting the kit, plus other sensors, the initial setup will take you more time because you will be adding all those sensors to the Base Station. This may take some time, but it’s all good since in the end.

Rafiki by Securex Home Security System
PIR Sensor on the wall


Currently, the Home Kit is priced at KES 7,540. You can get offers and discounts on the site if you choose to bundle the kits in particular ways.

For a couple of people, the initial acquisition cost may feel quite steep. Especially since for the kit, you’re only getting two sensors. However, do take note of the fact that:

  1. The system works with your Google Assistant Smart Home setup
  2. The pricing is quite competitive compared to other smart home security systems
  3. Rafiki is readily available and works in Kenya – while you may have to import other systems, taking note of things like voltage and compatibility.

Do note that to expand your security system with Rafiki, you will need to get accessories only from them.

Adding extra sensors:

Like I’ve said above, the system can add more sensors, and Securex has a whole load of them on their marketplace. These include smart outdoor and indoor cameras, smart plugs, bulbs and much more.

With these sensors, slowly, you can build a complete smart home system where everything is controlled from one app.

The different sensors can also be added to your Google Home app, and help you set up automated routines where you can switch on lights, turn on your cooker, check the front door and much more, easily.

Rafiki by Securex Home Security System
Magnetic sensors on the door

Home security:

For the weeks I’ve had the magnetic sensors on the door, and the motion sensor, I have felt much confident whenever I take a long trip away from my house. This is because I can easily arm the system whenever I am leaving home. The alarm will go off, and I will get a notification should the door be opened, or should the motion sensor be triggered by movement inside the house.

While I’ve not had any incidences, I know that should any arise, I will be notified, and I will be able to contact the premises management to do something. There’s the option to pay Securex so that they will come to your facility anytime the alarm goes off. This works well for people with homes. I don’t find it necessary for my apartment.

I like that everything is battery powered. This includes the base station which will stay on for a while incase there’s a blackout. Which means your alarm will still go off incase an intruder comes when there’s no power, or they interrupt your power line. The only issue here is you won’t get a notification on your phone since your WiFi will be out.

The alarm doesn’t get too loud though. Like, it is loud enough, but not that loud to notify neighbours. However, for those with their own homes, you can connect the Base Station to your Home alarm system – which is definitely way louder – such that when it goes off, your whole home alarm system will sound.

The notifications on your phone are my main gripe with the system. They are not particularly loud. I’d love a system that could call you phone, or send an SMS. The app sends quiet notifications, at least on my end. There’s also email notifications, but who reads emails for their home alarm? I hope Securex can find a way of sending phone calls, or SMSs whenever alarm goes off.

You can pay Securex for a security plan, as we’ve already talked about. You can also pay them for cloud storage, for everyone who’ll have cameras installed. Securex says their systems meet all the privacy guidelines required.


In closing, here’s a system that should help you not only automate functions at home, but also ensure your home is safe. I wish I tried out more of the sensors and accessories though, to be able to share with you how easy and well everything works. However, for the motion sensor, and the magnetic connectors, and for a small apartment like mine, the system is good enough.

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