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How to find COVID-19 Vaccination Centres near you

Kenya has rolled out mass vaccination. And the government has provided a list of centres across the country where you can be able to get your doses.

However, it can be challenging to scroll through the whole PDF list to find the health centre near you. Worry not. There’s now an easy way thanks to @otisky06 who has come up with a mapping system to help you identify centres near you, using CARTO.

So, provided you know where you live (of course), you should be able to point out health centres around you on the map, and then visit them to get your first or second dose.

Finding a vaccination centre:

  1. Visit
  2. Zoom in to the area where you live
  3. And then click on any of the dots around that area to identify the specific health centre
  4. These have been differentiated by ownership between Government of Kenya (GoK), Privately-owned, Faith-based, etc.
  5. From these centres you should be able to get your vaccine free of charge.
  6. You will be briefed accordingly at these centres. But you should register at before getting your first dose.

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