Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Internet Society Foundation launches $200,000 BOLT Grant for teams addressing Connectivity Gap

The Internet Society Foundation has launched a grant program that aims to advance Internet access and connectivity around the world.

This will be known as the BOLT program and it aims to support teams of creatives, technologists, researchers, and cultural/social workers who are developing solutions to internet connectivity.

The foundation says this is especially targeting communities where current technologies are either unavailable or inaccessible. And up to USD 200,000 (KES 22.1 Million) will be awarded to organisations for projects lasting up to 12 Months.

“Almost half of the world’s population lacks access to the Internet,” said Sarah Armstrong, Executive Director of the Internet Society Foundation. “Through these grants, we aim to bolster the development of imaginative, relevant, and sustainable solutions that will promote greater Internet access and connectivity for communities around the world, supporting our vision of an Internet for Everyone”.

The BOLT program builds on the Internet Society Foundation’s commitment to support innovative solutions to Internet connectivity, such as project in Costa Rica that is providing Internet connectivity in underserved communities through the use of an Internet Backpack.

BOLT is open for applications between 27 September and 29 October and the grantees will be announced in November. Applying teams must ensure that their lead organization is a legally registered 501(c)(3) or equivalent.  

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