Spotify Ad Studio now available in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana and Jamaica

Spotify has announced that its self-serve ad platform, Ad Studio, is now available in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria and Jamaica. More artists across the globe can now use the advertising medium.

What is Spotify Ad Studio?

Ad Studio is a tool that allows artists, brands and businesses to easily run audio and video ads on Spotify. Within minutes, advertisers can create a campaign. The platform provides felixibility and control to setup and manage campaigns in real time.

Never made an audio ad? Spotify makes it easy — you can build a custom audio ad (for free!) right in Ad Studio, in as little as 24 hours. 

Ad Studio provides advertisers with free audio creation tools including background music mixing, voiceover talent, audience targeting and real-time reporting

Ad Studio is already available in other markets, including America and Europe, and the company says it is looking forward to the impact the launch in more markets will have in places like Sub-Saharan Africa, where audio streaming is on the rise.

In order to advertise with this tool, Spotify says advertisers need to spend a minimum of KES 27,000.

“Reaching audiences with Ad Studio is efficient and easy,” said Christopher Li, Director of Digital Planning & Products APAC at Live Nation and Spotify Ad Studio user. “You can decide to target listeners by genre preferences, interests, and context, etc. It only takes us a few minutes to create a campaign, and the free voiceover service saves a lot of effort, too.”

As a world leader in audio streaming, Spotify brings music and podcasts to nearly 365 million users in 184 markets, across hundreds of devices. This is where young people are – and where young people go, marketers follow. 71% of Spotify Free listeners are under 35 and the median age of podcast listeners is 27.

In Nigeria alone, over 100 million citizens are active internet users. Of this number, 57,9% use music apps — up from 54% last year. The median age in this market is 18, meaning that the majority of smartphone users are Gen-Z. Similar to Ghana and Kenya, the Gen-Z market is increasing, and many young people are streaming audio. 

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