Xiaomi is bringing the Redmi NOTE 11 Series to Kenya on 17th February

Update: Phones now available. Buy from Jumia

Xiaomi has announced that the recently unveiled Redmi NOTE 11 Series will be coming to Kenya on 17th February 2022. The new series is expected to offer great value for money, as has been usual of Xiaomi devices in the market.

Building up to the official launch, Xiaomi Kenya has unveiled the ‘Rise to the Challenge’ campaign with a song by Jovial, Exray and Ndovu Kuu (Kenyan artistes). Xiaomi says the song challenges people to believe in themselves and go after their passions. The company is also daring the Kenyan public to a music challenge.

To join in on the challenge, record yourself partaking in the choreographed dance, or singing to the lyrics. Post your clip on Instagram or TikTok with the hashtags: #XiaomiMusicChallenge & #RiseToTheChallenge.

Xiaomi is promising merchandise including Redmi phones, Mi Smart Bands, ear buds and more to those who receive the highest views and likes.

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Xiaomi is bringing the Redmi NOTE 11 Series to Kenya on 17th February 3

The new Redmi NOTE 11 series, the company says, is just the begging of their 2022 objective which is to satisfy their fans’ appetite for cutting-edge tech.

The company says the spirit of the Redmi Note 11 Series also acts as a call-to-action to Xiaomi fans, inspiring them to rise to their everyday challenges and create a better version of themselves.

As the year progresses, the company is set to release smartphones and AIoT technologies that enable Kenyans to make the most of every moment.

Xiaomi says the Redmi NOTE series has sold over 240 million units worldwide, which is testament to its popularity. The latest iteration, the company promises, is set to offer superior specs including cameras, the display, battery and charging efficiency, providing high-level performance to suit the ever-evolving needs of consumers across the board.

Following and growth:

Xiaomi officially launched in Kenya in 2018 with at least 10k Xiaomi fans on their Facebook community. By 2019, it had over 100k fans and 200k fans at the end of 2020. By end of 2021, Xiaomi became the most successful brand online with over half a million fans in Kenya and a claim of over 50,000 monthly sales.


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