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On-demand Expertise Platform “Insights by Experts” launched in Nairobi

Homecoming Revolution, a pan-African executive search firm, has launched a new platform called “Insights by Experts“. It is an on-demand expertise platform. Africa’s leading VC firm, Launch Africa, have invested in the new platform.

The platform helps global investors and companies access independent talent on-demand, from a vetted community of experienced African experts across a wide range of African countries and sectors.  

The firm which has been in operation since 2003 says “Insights by Experts” offers a rich repository of African experts. The senior and experienced African experts can offer up -to -date, on the-ground insights, advice and opinions. The experts can be engaged for a range of needs including one-on-one chats, contracts or projects, coaching and mentoring, introductions, board positions and more.

The firm explains that the launch has been spurred by a soaring number of investors and companies who want to scale in Africa but are constrained by a lack of quick and relevant “on the ground” knowledge.

The experts will be useful during value identification (deal origination) and value validation (due diligence) which includes customer perception, founder references, competitor snapshots, technical assessments, customer problems and needs, market perceptions and high level risks.

The experts’ services also come in handy during value acceleration (performance improvement), which includes governance, pricing validation, human resources consulting, go-to-market intelligence, partnerships & distributors’ procurement, as well as obvious quick wins. 

How to use “Insights by Experts”:

The platform can be accessed either through self-service or assistance from the organisation. The self service is a six-step process that begins with a search across many countries, industries and disciplines. The client then sends the expert a consultation request with key questions and meeting date suggestions.

The client receives the expert’s response and confirms the consultation date, which is then followed by a calendar invite with a video link from the expert. The client then chats the expert and gains proprietary knowledge. Eventually, the client rates the expert and the experience.

Should the customer require specific assistance, then the platform provides an easy way to brief the recruitment team directly. These expert packages can be tailored according to budget, time delivery and outputs; be it once-off chats or a deeper engagement.

There are hundreds of experts currently loaded onto the platform, and thousands of other experts in Homecoming Revolution’s unique database.

What they said:

Janade du Plessis, Fund Manager at Launch Africa, said, “Over the past two decades, Homecoming Revolution have built deep relationships across the continent with some of the leading corporates and sector specialists, and are now bringing it all together on the Insights By Experts platform.” 

Stephen Mburu, CEO Phillips Pharmaceuticals Kenya said, “Congratulations to the Insights by Experts team for creating such an amazing platform of so many different specialties.”

“It is a real privilege to create a platform that shares deep African expertise with the world.  Our hope is that it will foster significant economic growth on the continent. Thank you to our incredible team, experts and investors who have made this idea come to life”, said Angel Jones, CEO, Homecoming Revolution.

“It has been great working with the Homecoming Revolution team and I congratulate them on their new expertise platform, Insights by Experts.  Now it will be easy to pick the brains of a vast number of different experts across Africa”, said Leonard Kimutai Tonui, Strategy Director at Coca Cola Beverages Africa in Kenya.

“For the PE and VC industry, we are continually in search of talent to work with for market insights as we grow our companies, or for senior team members for our portfolio companies. I think this platform is quite unique and could be of enormous help to our members”, said Eva Warigia, Executive Director of the East Africa Private Equity & Venture Capital Association.

“We looking forward to using the platform in our own business, for our portfolio companies and our corporate partners,” said Jandade du Plessis, Fund Manager at Launch Africa Ventures.

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