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How to Update Safaricom SIM Card Registration Details Online

The Communication Authority of Kenya extended the deadline for proper SIM Registration by 5 months. This means the long queues we were witnessing in the run up to the deadline last week have now relaxed.

The good thing is this: Safaricom now has a means for you to update your SIM Registration Details through an online portal. So, instead of visiting a Safaricom Shop or Agent to update your details, you can do it from the comfort of your home, for yourself and anyone else.

This streamlined process for updating SIM registration details is particularly beneficial for users frequently engaging with online platforms, including casinos that accept MPesa. It simplifies the process of maintaining an active and verified M-Pesa account, ensuring that transactions with online casinos are conducted smoothly and without interruption. This development underscores the commitment to enhancing user convenience and accessibility, making it easier for Kenyan players to enjoy their favorite casino games

How to Update Safaricom SIM Card Registration Details Online

Here’s the process of Updating Safaricom SIM Card Details:

  1. Visit the Safaricom Portal at
  2. Enter the Phone Number whose details you with to update
  3. Agree to the Privacy Policy and Click Next
  4. You will receive a ONE TIME Password (OTP) which you should enter to continue
  5. You will then see a list of all phone numbers that are registered under you.
  6. Select the phone numbers that are yours, the ones you know. Then click next.
  7. Now upload a picture of your ID both front and back sides separately.
  8. Make sure the pictures are clear and properly cropped to only focus on the ID bit.
  9. Click Verify!

Using mySafaricom App to verify

  1. On the mySafaricom App home page, there’s a notice to verify SIM details
  2. If you can’t find it, go to the Account page and click “Update SIM Registration Details”
  3. Go through the steps above and provide required details
  4. Verify your numbers
  5. And your’e done.

It’s a simple process that should take your a few minutes. Make sure your phone numbers listed are correct. Also, help out those who may not have updated their details.

In case you don’t see phone numbers that should be listed, contact or visit the nearest Safaricom Shop for assistance. Make sure you also report via *106# numbers you believe aren’t yours.



  1. morning i cant receive OTP the line your sending the OTP I dont use it anymore its now more than 6 years

    1. if you dont get otp remember to look for the last digits of the number you request otp to be sent to because you might be using a third party number without clossing your first number you dont have

  2. Keeps telling me to upload the correct image. The image I’m uploading IS the correct image. System doesn’t work. Please fix it.

    1. I have got the same problem and tried everything unsuccessfully. But I have got a foreign passport. You as well? Maybe that`s the reason.

  3. Hello I find this useful thank u.I stay in abroad and I did so but I still get this safcom messages to update my sim card and I did so.They are so annoying… will I know my sim card is updated?Thank u

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