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How to grow your business with Safaricom Business Solutions

This article covers the different technology solutions offered by Safaricom that will help transform your business. If you’re not sure what solutions your business may need, this other article covers how to consult for free with Safaricom, so as to know what you need.

In this day and age, the Digital Economy is growing faster than overall economies, especially in developing countries. Evidence shows that information and communications technologies (ICTs) account for 17% of GDP growth in developing countries (World Bank 2016).

It is obvious that most businesses are taking the digitisation root. And it is also obvious that for survival businesses need to be digitised. And with many people not being aware of what sort of solutions they may need, Safaricom has stepped up to offer everything under one roof.

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With their Business Solutions, Safaricom is targeting almost every sort of business. This includes Micro and Small Business Owners, Medium-sized businesses, Large Enterprises and even Government organisations. This should be a label of trust that whatever size of business you run, you can trust the solutions the company is offering.

The solutions offered by Safaricom Business include:

  • Digital Business Solutions
  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Internet of things Solutions

Digital Business Solutions:

The digital world is expanding, and so are company needs. It has become easier to reach out to customers and maintain a consistent relationship with them as a result of the emergence of digital business solutions. It also aids in the gathering of market input via mobile applications, e-commerce websites, etc. which are all examples of digital business solutions. All of these things contribute to a business’s efficiency by making it easier for customers to interact with it. In the long, this brings about tremendous business growth, increased costs, improved security, and increased customer satisfaction. These Digital Business solutions systems and designs are the foundation of your digital business; without them, you will not maximize business profits.

Digital interactions

This Safaricom solution which is under digital services focuses on the creation and implementation of digital business solutions that will help your organization reach new heights. Safaricom’s software engineers and designers focus their efforts entirely on developing and implementing software that will be used in your digital business based on your unique requirements, such as web portals, interactive SMS, API integration, and so on. 

Cyber Security Solutions

We are in a digital age and businesses have evolved digitally and with it the doors to cyber threats were open. Cyber threats are continually a part of business and most time, they do not see them coming. You cannot avoid them, but you can prevent or try as much to keep them at bay because if they hit your business, you suffer losses. Prevention is better than cure and this is where Safaricom’s Cyber security solutions come in handy. Safaricom’s Cyber Security solutions help businesses to guard against these kinds of threats that might affect your business. They have some remarkable solutions that make sure the process of curbing cyber security threats to your business is a walk in the park.

Unified Threat Management

The term ‘Unified’ says it all. This is an information security system that is a single security solution that is designed to cover multiple security functions at one point on the network. These functions are things like anti-spyware, anti-spam, content filtering, and firewalls. This system is maintained and managed by Safaricom teams of cyber security experts who have been doing this since time immemorial. They will never get it wrong with countering cyber security threats. Your business cyber security will be in good hands and all you will know is peace. Who doesn’t love the peace of mind?

SSL Certificate

Your customers always come first, right?  Safaricom SSL Certificate ensures that this happens by giving your customers a secure pathway while browsing through your website. SSL Certificate makes this possible by authenticating website identity and enables a connection that is encrypted. Safaricom SSL Certificate also assists in making your website visible on google by verifying your website hence improving its google ranking.

Security Professional Services

Some of the security professionals out here are quacks and most of them do not have the certifications to offer the slightest of services to your business. Coming to think of it, they might but your business will be as good as a gateway to security threats. Safaricom Security professionals’ services have the crème de la crème of experts who take you through all the available solutions, support, and advice that you may need to ensure your business is not affected by security breaches.

Smart Surveillance

With the technological age comes great possibilities and Smart Surveillance came with these possibilities. Before them, the main surveillance method was through CCTV. CCTV has helped and is continuing to help most businesses a good deal, but it has its downsides in that yes it will catch the security breaches in real-time but if you are not at the monitoring desk at that momentarily time you will have to do the rewinds and the forwards. Quite hectic, right?

Safaricom’s Smart Surveillance which is a cloud-based CCTV uses senor and computer visions that alerts the monitoring center in real-time, and you can access the footage from the monitoring via any internet-enabled devices. 

Cloud Computing Solutions

Businesses try as much to limit the cost of resources they use but business digitization is mostly about going big or going home. It brings about the tremendous cost in terms of software, storage, database, and hardware. Safaricom’s Cloud computing enables businesses to cut these kinds of costs to some extent. Cloud computing offers all those resources through its computing services on the internet (‘the cloud’) in a more reliable and faster way which will benefit your business by offering flexible resources, business innovation, and economies of scale. 

Cloud Backup, Recovery, and Server Migration

Watching your business crumble in front of your eyes because you have lost data that keeps your business afloat is not a good sight to behold. Losing data that is important to your business can drive you nuts.  With Safaricom’s Cloud Backup & Recovery you surely cannot go through this draining period. They also help in server migrations which is basically transferring data from one server to the other which ensures nothing is lost in the servers in case of any glitches. It’s not something your business will even be close to. With these solutions, all your data will be backed to a remote server which will act as a backup if data is lost. If these business solutions will not give you a sound sleep as an entrepreneur, then I honestly do not know what will. 

Domain and Web Hosting

Most consumers if not all trust websites that have domain names. Personally, I cannot even click on a website that doesn’t have a domain name. Do you want your business to boom? Safaricom’s Domain and Web hosting solution have you covered by providing addresses that will easily lead your customer right to you without much struggle. Moreover, they offer web hosting solutions which will make the process of hosting your business website on the internet a piece of cake.

Microsoft Office 365

The back and forth sharing of documents via email for editing is tiring. Let’s not even start with those documents that bring about authorization headaches. With Microsoft office solutions you can easily collaborate with your employees without many constraints in real-time. If you have access to the internet, you can easily log in and collaborate on a document with your employees or workmates. The documents are stored in the cloud which makes them secure from any loss that may come with devices malfunctions.

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

It is not a secret that every aspect of day-to-day activities is all about data and so is our business. We are living in an Internet of Things (IoT) world which makes most of the things we do easier. Safaricom’s Internet of Things (IoT)solutions by connecting them to things and people that are important to the business.


If you are in the fleet business, managing drives, and touts can make you go insane for sure. Guess what? Safaricom IoT solutions can make this all go away by signing up your business in its telematics solutions which assist you in managing your fleet by using an internet-based device anywhere. This solution uses IoT sensors, feel reporting, Analytics Dashboard, and connectivity which helps in giving you much-needed information about your fleet.

How to access these solutions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on either Business services at the header or the drop-down menu at the center of the website to select your options.
  3. Select Safaricom Business Solutions of your choice from the displayed options
  4. On the Safaricom Business solutions of your choice you can either select Find Out More or Request Callback to get a call from a consultant.
  5. Selecting Find Out More will direct you to more information about this solution which also has a Request Callback button below it.

Can you trust Safaricom for your business?

Well, this might be a cause for concern. Especially around things like reliability, security of data and more. Well, here are reasons you should be comfortable trusting Safaricom:

  1. They have been ranked as Kenya’s biggest telecoms operator. In April 2022, they were ranked at the top of the 25 company lists by LinkedIn. In January 2022 they were also ranked top employer by Top Employers Institute in Kenya and Africa at large. 
  2. They have partnered with Companies in the big leagues like Amazon which is known for its great cloud computing services globally. This partnership will see Safaricom selling Amazon cloud services to its customers.
  3. They offer fast, reliable, and unlimited internet access of up to 100mps. They also have business packages that are pre and post-paid that ensuring your digital business is seamless. 
  4. They have a dedicated team that offers support to you 24/7. Anytime you have an issue/query they sort it as quickly as possible.


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