Remember the war between Apple and Epic Games that led to Fortnite being kicked out of the Apple App Store? Well, since the things didn’t work out well for Epic games, you still cannot install Fortnite on your iOS device.

This has led to many iPhone and iPad users who cannot play the game on their devices. Leading to workarounds arising. In January, we saw Nvidia’s game service Geoforce Now bring Fortnite. But this is a closed beta, so not yet mainstream.

Microsoft is now making it easier for you to access Fortnite on your iOS device through your browser. This is through Xbox Cloud gaming. And it is free!

Do note that this is also in Beta, and in 26 countries only. Microsoft explains that there is no installation or membership required. All you need to do is go to on your device’s browser and sign-in with your Microsoft Account to play.

This will work across iOS, iPadOS, Android Phones or tablets, or Windows PCs provided you have an internet connection.

This move is obviously a tackle by Microsoft on Apple, as the company bets on cloud gaming. Microsoft says, “It’s an important step to add a Free-to-Play title to the cloud gaming catalog as we continue our cloud journey. (We) will look to bring more Free-to-Play games people love in the future.”

It will be interesting to see uptake of the service, and how Apple will be responding as they’re also looking to appeal to their users with their gaming subscription.

How to play Fortnite on iOS for free:

  • Open browser on your phone and access
  • Sign in to Microsoft Account
  • Connect to your Epic Account
  • Play Fortnite for free


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