Otile Brown named TECNO Chief Creative Officer headlining Camon 19 Series

TECNO has named Kenyan Star musician Otile Brown as its Chief Creative Officer, and Brand Ambassador for the upcoming TECNO Camon 19 Series. The star joins Chris Evans who played Captain America, as the company’s brand ambassador.

TECNO says the partnership is solely for the upcoming Camon 19 Series, and that they took input from Otile Brown in the design process of the device. The new Camon 19 Series is expected to be unveiled on June 20th. However, preorders are already open.

How to Preoder the Camon 19 Series in Kenya:

  • Visit a Safaricom Shop
  • Pay KES 2,000 as commitment fee for the pre-order
  • You will get a set of earbuds from TECNO
  • Once orders arrive on June 20th, you’ll get a gift hamper worth KES 7,000 plus the new device.
  • You can also preorder online.

According to IDC report, TECNO is currently the largest seller of smartphone devices in Kenya with 27.1% unit share. This is a position they enjoy thanks to the aggressive pricing they employed after entering the market. It will be an interesting thing to watch how this grasp of the market changes over time as brand perception changes, as people demand for long term updating of their devices, and as competition from the likes of Xiaomi, and OPPO builds up.

In the last two years, we’ve seen Brand Ambassadors become the new cool buzz word companies use to market their new devices. Transsion Holdings has especially jumped in on this trend. All their sub-brands have a significant celebrity headlining either a device or representing the whole brand. It must be working for them. What do you think?

The new Camon 19 Series will be immediately available on June 20th in Kenya. We are not sure of the specs of the device, neither do we have information on how many devices exactly will be coming in. Those placing a preorder won’t have information even on pricing – which is a little off because how can I preorder something I’ve not seen, or something whose pricing I don’t know?

We will update this article with more information – on specs and pricing – once that’s available.


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