Hey Netflix, please make an app for macOS devices!

This is a really infuriating thing I fear I may find myself constantly complaining about. I already asked the question: Why isn’t there a Netflix for Mac App? Something millions have asked for. There has been no response whatsoever. Not even an attempt – the least they can do – to even port the current iPad app to the Mac.

Please, Netflix. It doesn’t make sense. With M1 and M2 laptops, all it takes is to enable the app to be available on the App Store. Let people access it and fix any bugs over time.

For example, I have an Amazon Prime Video account which I can access offline on my MacBook even while away from home. Any of the shows I downloaded offline are available. And I can access them at any moment without needing an internet connection.

It’s not even a good app. It’s the exact app you get on the iPhone, but it works. And that’s the point! I needn’t suffer if I want to access content on a platform I pay a premium charge each month.

I mean check this out: Amazon’s Prime Video doesn’t have pricing tiers that discriminate on streaming quality. It’s one tier that’s similarly priced to Netflix’s Basic tier. Yet their app is accessible everywhere, allowing up to 4K streams, and downloads.

And then there’s Netflix. They’re losing subscribers, laying off workers and constantly raising prices. But can’t make an app for a huge demographic of users with incredible battery life, and incredible displays.

I mean, Netflix why is this even an issue? Don’t people who have Windows laptops have access to a well-built app? What’s the whole point of never making an app for the Mac, yet it is a heavily requested feature? Yes the browser option works, but I want offline access anytime, and anywhere I may be.

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