Apple has increased the subscription price for the student tier on their Apple Music streaming platform. This comes just a couple of months after the company reduced the free trial period from 3 months to 1 month. In 2020 the company slashed prices by 50% in Kenya.

The new student subscription plan will cost $1.99 up from the previous $1.49. Other plans remain the same. As of now these are the plans and prices in Kenya for Apple Music:

Prices in USD
Students1.99 monthly
Individual 2.99 monthly
Family 4.99 monthly
Individual Yearly Plan29.00 annually

Apple is yet to start charing in Kenya shillings, and to introduce localised means of payment. This is online Spotify whose tiers are in Kenya shillings, and even accept payment through M-Pesa (even though you have to access the option through the desktop).

Of course the best option from the above listing is the yearly plan. Pay once and forget about anything throughout the year, while saving about $7.

What streaming platform do you use? And why? We’ve already established Apple Music to offer better sound quality when compared to Spotify.


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