Roam parters with Kitale-based company to sell the 200km range ‘Roam Air’

Sweden based electric vehicle manufacturer, Roam (formerly Opibus), will be selling the ‘Roam Air’ in Western Kenya. The company has announced a partnership with Kitale-based Kengra Logistics Limited who will be the face of the electric vehicles in Western Kenya and Eastern Uganda.

The company says a showroom is set to be officially opened at the Kitale International School grounds along Kitale-Webuye Road.

Roam Air Specifications:

  • Range – 200km on dual battery and 100km on single battery per charge cycle
  • Speed – 90km/hr maximum
  • Payload – up to 200Kgs
  • Charging – uses standard 220-240V socket with a 600W AC Charger
  • Driving system – Electronic drive system with Park, Reverse, Drive, Neutral options.

On the Roam website, the ‘Roam Air’ is listed as $ 1,500 for reservation. The company hasn’t mentioned in the press release how much they’ll be selling the motorcycle for, however. It’s also not clear if there’s a financing plan to help potential buyers afford the motorbike.

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Roam says that with the increased fuel prices in the country, the introduction of electric technology will help reduce fuel consumption and cost of operations among the motorists in the region.  The technology will also see the gradual phasing out of fossil fuels hence promoting clean energy.

“I am glad that our motorists in this region will now have an opportunity to use clean energy with this technology. I applaud Roam Electric for such a wonderful initiative that will help reduce fuel costs for our motorists and boda boda riders especially during these tough times. This will, hopefully, translate to cheaper fares for commuters,” said Grace Wanjau, Managing Director of Kengra.

“This initiative is also important as it will also help in the reduction of operating costs by 69% in their day-to-day helping to reduce air pollution which is emitted by fossil fuel engines,” she added

“Roam Air is adapted and designed in detail for the African use-case and with a special focus on affordability, reliability and connectivity. An electric motorcycle tailored for different commercial use — cases such as carrying passengers or cargo with safety at the forefront. It is truly a testament to our commitment to offering world-class electric vehicle technology to the continent,” said Roam CEO and co-founder Filip Lövström

Roam Electric Vehicle Manufacturers was established in 2017 as an electric mobility Company. The company focuses on all-electric conversion kits for fleet vehicles such as light trucks, public transport and buses, as well as electric motorcycles and energy systems.


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