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How to remove the new Gmail Tab with Chat, Spaces and Meet

For some weird reason, Google has decided to add yet another tab to Gmail in an effort to push their other products. These are products you may never want to use. But they’re being forced to you while clattering the screen.

Google has recently merged Duo with Meet – making it all confusing, since there’s also Google Chat. They’re now forcing adoption by adding the new tab. Which is weird since the company has never really succeeded on messaging apps. They always discontinue a product, or rename it.

How to remove the new Gmail tab:

  1. Next to your profile, click the settings icon
  2. Look for “Apps in Gmail” and click CUSTOMISE under Chat and Meet.
  3. Uncheck Google Chat and Google Meet
  4. Reload page
  5. Done!

You can also switch to the old interface look if the new look doesn’t do it for you. To do so, also go to the settings, and click “Go back to the original view”. You will then enter your reason for switching before reloading.

The new interface has also forced the Sidebar that shows Calendar, Keep, Tasks and Contacts to be collapsed on the right. To re-enable that, there’s a small arrow at the bottom right to click on.

What do you think of the new interface? Makes you miss Inbox by Gmail, which was just so well done!

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