NCBA Loop goes offline as bank promises major upgrade

Between 9pm Saturday 21st January 2023, and 9am Monday, 23rd January, all NCBA Loop system will be offline as the bank promises a huge upgrade.

The company says in a text message:

After years of listening, learning and discovery, we are excited to announce that we will be upgrading you to a new, better LOOP. To enable us carry out the upgrade we will need to pause all transactions from 9:00 PM Saturday, 21st January 2023 to 9:00 AM Monday, 23rd January 2023. It pains us to have to inconvenience you during this period. We look forward to delivering a new experience that gives you a better way to manage your money.

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Between Saturday 21st January 2023, and Monday, 23rd January, all NCBA Loop system will be offline as the bank promises a huge upgrade.

What is coming?

Okay, we don’t know. But we can speculate based on the things that have been “coming soon” on the LOOP App.

For example, “Masterpass” has been a payment option marked as coming soon for a while now. Perhaps this is the time we get to see that in action. However, given I’ve not been able to replace my ATM Card for close to three months now, with LOOP telling me they’re shifting from Mastercard to Visa, I think not.

Which means these are the things we can expect:

  • New interface – it’s not like the current interface is boring, though. LOOP actually has the best bank app I’ve seen.
  • New payment options – LOOP operates very smart unlike other bank apps. We could see newer ways to pay.

What to do:

If you mostly rely on LOOP – like I do – for payments, savings, and everything else, you should withdraw some cash to use for the period the services will be down.

LOOP to mobile money transfers are free, so don’t worry about the charges. (They however, never stopped charging mobile money to bank transfer fees – even when that was a CBK directive).

The other thing is to hope the app will be up and running on time.


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