Zuku Fibre now promises customers refunds for outage

Zuku has released a statement on the fibre outage that affected some of their customers across the country. In the statement the company says they will endeavour to offer credit for service outages to customers in affected areas.

This will be interesting to see, especially with the heavy backlash we saw online concerning the outage. How will Zuku be able to identify who’s worthy of credit, and who is not. And what will be the means for the refunds?

In the statement, Zuku says, they’ve always offered credit for any outages. We would like to know from any of their customers if this is true. Please let us know when you experienced an outage, and how much Zuku refunded you – whether in data, extra hours of use, or credit.

Update: From the comment section of the tweet, it appears that customers will need to individually DM Zuku with their account details to get the credit refunds. Which begs question on exactly how the company has been offering these refunds.

Here’s the full statement from Zuku:

Dear Esteemed Customer,

Zuku Fiber would like to update our esteemed customers on our continued efforts and commitment in the stabilization of our services in parts of the network recently affected by intermittent services. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We would like to encourage our esteemed customers to continue to interact with us, through our contact center, official social media handles and WhatsApp number provided below, to enable the resolution of any pending issues.

As we continue with the stabilization efforts, we would also like to reassure our esteemed customers that Zuku Fiber will endeavour to offer credit for service outages to customer in the affected areas, as we have always done, and as has been communicated and continues to be communicated to customers individually.

Please let us know how your refund requests go.

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