Why do we use cloud platforms?

In the digital age, many solutions are being created to allow companies to optimize their activities. Among these new options, cloud platforms are becoming an increasingly popular alternative. Indeed, this technology facilitates management in many ways. What are the concrete advantages of being interested in it? Here are some answers.

Protecting your data 

Data protection is one of the first reasons why companies are interested in using a cloud platform. This is because cloud providers offer rigorous and effective measures to preserve the integrity of their customers’ information. You can consult the 3DS cloud offer to discover more specificities.

In general, a cloud platform will ensure data protection in two key areas. These include

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  • Securing access to data
  • The elimination of the risks of data loss

Securing data access

Speaking of securing data access, it is important to note that with a cloud platform, no connection to the system can be made without authorization. In other words, users must use their previously defined credentials before performing any operation. There is no need to worry about confidential information leaking out or unauthorized manipulations. This is a guarantee of high security for any company.

Eliminating the risk of data loss

Conventional management approaches advocate the use of paper and local computer systems, which pose a serious risk of information loss. In fact, the occurrence of a power failure or bad weather can affect the integrity of data. It will then be necessary to try fastidious and sometimes fruitless reconstitutions. 

Fortunately, this risk disappears completely with the use of a cloud platform. The purely digital nature of the data eliminates the possibility of physical damage. Moreover, any information inserted on a cloud platform is automatically stored on highly reliable servers. This means that even in the event of a local malfunction, the entire data can be restored.

Improve business processes

Another reason for companies to opt for cloud platforms is to improve their business processes. First of all, these websites are accessible from any location or interface. The user can then connect from home or any other place to perform an urgent task. In a context where telecommuting is growing considerably, this is a valuable asset.

In addition, the cloud platform allows, depending on the tools that are integrated, to limit errors in accounting calculations, time clocking, data entry, etc. With an intuitive and connected interface, its parameters can be adjusted to simplify the missions of an administrative management. 

Control your IT costs

In any company, controlling the costs associated with the computer park is a major challenge that is often not easy to meet. However, with a cloud platform, this challenge becomes easier to meet. The solution generally offers great flexibility in terms of service choices. Clearly, you can decide to pay only for the services you need and make adjustments as you evolve. 

Also, a good integration of this technology to the company’s management will allow you to limit the acquisition of computer equipment. Cloud providers often have the infrastructure and resources to offer services on a large scale. This can save you money by not having to purchase and manage your own hardware.


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