TECNO rolls out Android 14 for Camon 20 Premier, first non-Pixel update

TECNO is making waves in the smartphone arena by being the first non-Pixel brand this year to roll out the official Android 14 update to its Camon 20 Premier device. Customers in India being are the first to get this. This leap is especially noteworthy for TECNO, a brand not historically swift with software updates. Gizmochina reported this development, marking a significant stride for TECNO in keeping up with software advancements.

The Camon 20 Premier impresses with its hardware like the Dimensity 8050 processor, 108MP ultra-wide camera, and 5000mAh battery with 45W fast charging. However, in our review, we said: its software experience, particularly the cluttered HiOS, needs improvement. We loved the design, particularly the leather feel and AMOLED display, although we felt the metallic frame is a fingerprint magnet. Overall, we called it a notable upgrade for lower-end device users, but asked for TECNO to deal with software as it could be a deal-breaker for others.

The journey towards this software enhancement began with TECNO’s announcement of Android 14 Beta tests. Although the process of joining these tests wasn’t clear initially, it’s evident now that the Beta testing phase was a crucial step towards this achievement. This move has positioned TECNO as the pioneer among non-Google smartphone brands to embrace the Android 14 update.

The rollout of Android 14 on the CAMON 20 Premier is occurring in phases as per Gizmochina, so Indian users can anticipate its arrival shortly. However, the timeline for its availability in other regions remains unclear. It’s an intriguing decision by TECNO to launch this update in India before introducing it in African markets, where the brand has its roots.

TECNO has paired the Android 14 update with its latest HiOS 13.6 skin. This fresh software update brings along a slew of enhancements TECNO says are aimed at refining the user experience. Notable improvements include a revamped Game Assistant Panel, a more intuitive Clock and Weather widget, an upgraded multi-tasking mode, and a refined Gallery.

This software leap marks a significant step towards addressing previous criticisms regarding the CAMON 20 Premier’s software experience. TECNO’s initiative in swiftly rolling out the Android 14 update reflects a promising shift in the brand’s approach to software upgrades, and it will be interesting to see how this move will be received in other global markets, following its Indian debut.

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