Liquid Intelligent Technologies and Boost Tanzania’s Digital Transformation with Second Azure Stack

Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid), a prominent business unit of Cassava Technologies, has forged a partnership with, a leading provider of carrier-neutral data center services in Tanzania and East Africa’s premier specialist carrier-neutral data center group. Together, they will introduce Tanzania’s second Azure Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) stack, a substantial investment aimed at fostering a favorable environment for local businesses to expedite their digital transformation journeys.

In 2021, Liquid pioneered bringing the Azure Stack to Tanzanian enterprises, providing them with access to compliant cloud solutions that adhered to local data regulatory requirements and efficiently managed latency-sensitive business applications. “This marks yet another significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to empower our customers to adopt cloud technology and contribute to transforming Tanzania into a digital economy,” expressed Manish Govindji, Acting CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Tanzania.

Azure Stack HCI’s innovative solution allows businesses to meet local compliance standards by enabling them to run applications crafted for virtualized infrastructure. Moreover,’s carrier-neutral offering gives companies the added benefit of selecting their connectivity service provider, providing them with flexibility and autonomy in managing their digital solutions.

Nicholas Lodge, Co-Founder and Chief Strategist at, shared his enthusiasm about the collaboration: “This partnership with Liquid Intelligent Technologies to introduce Tanzania’s second Azure Stack marks a crucial step in propelling the nation’s digital transformation forward. We are committed to providing local businesses with access to pioneering cloud solutions and empowering them to flourish in the digital age. Our carrier-neutral data center is a complementary initiative that allows companies to select their preferred connectivity service provider, enhancing their digital adaptability and capability.”

Liquid’s persistent investment in extending its fiber backbone and amplifying access to affordable digital solutions is pivotal for augmenting digital transformation not only in Tanzania but across the continent. This ensures local businesses have access to high-speed connectivity and digital services, fostering economic and technological alliances across nations and enabling them to compete on a global stage against counterparts in more advanced economies.

Govindji encapsulated the essence of Liquid’s contribution, stating, “With the availability of the second Azure Stack in the region, Liquid reaffirms its position as a one-stop technological hub for all. One of the most significant barriers to cloud adoption in Tanzania has been the high cost of accessing cloud solutions locally. Liquid, having deployed Azure Stacks in multiple African countries, possesses the in-house expertise needed to cater to our customers’ IT needs from start to finish, allowing them to concentrate on their core business.”

The partnership and the launch of the second Azure HCI Stack signify a monumental step in expanding technology access and affordability in Tanzania. Both Liquid and anticipate a future where connectivity, innovation, and growth are not only achievable but are sustained pillars supporting the region’s development.


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