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Kenyan Tech Startup MPost Relocates Headquarters to Rwanda, Eyes Expansion

MPost is reportedly shifting its business strategy, eyeing expansion and relocating its headquarters from Nairobi to Rwanda. The transition, set for November 2023, marks a significant step in the company’s journey towards expansion and innovation.

TechTrends Media has revealed insights from an MPost statement, highlighting the strategic importance of their shift from Kenya to Kigali. “We are excited about the opportunities that this strategic move brings, and we are honoured to be hosted at Norrsken,” said Twahir Mohamed, Founder of MPost. Norrsken, a Swedish coworking space and investment fund that opened in Rwanda in 2019, will be the new home for MPost.

The startup’s decision to relocate is influenced heavily by Rwanda’s supportive stance on technological innovation and its vibrant startup ecosystem. The government of Rwanda has been instrumental in providing a conducive environment for tech entrepreneurs, a factor that MPost acknowledges as pivotal in their strategic relocation.

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MPost’s entry into Kigali is not just a relocation but a launchpad for its ambitious plans to delve deeper into the African market. The company foresees a future of sustained growth, technological advancement, and fruitful partnerships in its new headquarters. This move is more than a change of location; it’s a stepping stone towards MPost’s aspiration to be at the forefront of digital transformation in Africa.

Founded in 2016 by Abdulaziz Omar and Twahir Ahmed, MPost has revolutionized the digital addressing, postal, logistics, and eCommerce sectors. The platform is unique in its ability to convert mobile numbers into official virtual addresses, facilitating efficient mail notifications to clients. This innovative approach has not only streamlined postal services but also enhanced e-commerce logistics in the regions it operates—Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi. In 2019, the startup partnered with Safaricom through Post Kenya to have Kenyans use their phone numbers as their PO Box Numbers.

With the Rwandan business community thriving and the support system at Norrsken, MPost is poised to scale new heights in the tech world, demonstrating the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the African tech landscape.

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