Airbus, BMW Group seek Quantum Minds for Mobility Innovation Challenge

Airbus and BMW Group have announced the commencement of an extraordinary competition: “The Quantum Mobility Quest.” Aimed at harnessing the groundbreaking potential of quantum computing, this challenge invites bright minds from across the globe to tackle some of the most complex problems facing the mobility sector today.

The Quest for Quantum Solutions

As we stand on the cusp of a new era in transportation, Airbus and BMW Group are calling for students, academics, researchers, and professionals in quantum technologies to step forward and drive the change. This is an unprecedented opportunity to apply quantum computing to real-world scenarios—improving aerodynamics, revolutionizing automated mobility, enhancing supply chains, and beyond.

Participants will have the chance to select from problem statements such as designing improved aerodynamics with quantum solvers, integrating machine learning for future automated mobility systems, optimizing sustainable supply chains, and advancing corrosion inhibition methods. The challenge doesn’t stop here; innovators are encouraged to propose their unique applications of quantum technologies with potential impacts on the transportation sector yet to be discovered.

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How to Apply and What’s at Stake

Application Process:

Registration is now open for all interested parties. To apply, candidates must visit The Quantum Insider and submit their proposals. The application process is streamlined to encourage participation from a diverse range of individuals and teams, ensuring the challenge benefits from a wide array of innovative ideas.

Deadline for Submissions:

Mark your calendars—submissions will be accepted from mid-January until the 30th of April, 2024. This window gives applicants ample time to fine-tune their proposals and align them with the competition’s goals to create sustainable, efficient, and safer mobility solutions.

Prizes to Be Won:

In recognition of their pioneering solutions, the winning team will be awarded a grand prize of €30,000 for each of the five challenges. These prizes are not just monetary; they represent a stepping stone towards potential future collaborations with two of the industry’s giants and a chance to make a significant impact on the world of transportation.

The Quantum Mobility Quest offers a unique platform for quantum enthusiasts to showcase their expertise, with the additional benefit of accessing Amazon Web Services‘ cloud quantum computing services. With world-leading experts from Airbus, BMW Group, and AWS evaluating the submissions, this competition is set to be a monumental event in the quantum computing realm.

Step into the quantum era and help redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in mobility. Apply now and be part of shaping the transport technologies of tomorrow.


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