Airtel Ads Promises Data-Driven Success for African Advertisers

Airtel Africa has taken a significant leap forward in the digital advertising landscape with the launch of Airtel Ads. This groundbreaking Demand-Side Platform (DSP) marks Africa’s first integrated solution of its kind, designed to empower businesses and advertising agencies to seamlessly manage, buy, and optimize digital advertising campaigns across numerous ad exchanges.

Powered by, the Airtel Ad Program centralises the traditionally fragmented advertising process into a singular platform. Businesses can now make well-informed ad placement decisions, combining a vast range of tools all within one user-friendly interface.

Airtel Ads’ strategic advantage lies in its ability to tap into Airtel Africa’s unmatched customer base exceeding 150 million individuals. Using data sourced from Airtel’s telecommunications and mobile financial services, the platform targets both digitally engaged users and those operating on 2G networks and feature phones – a traditionally underserved segment of the digital advertising world. This inclusive approach ensures businesses can expand their reach more effectively.

Airtel Ads confronts existing problems in ad performance with a bold solution – seamless integration of advertising networks with Airtel Africa’s unique telecommunications data. This unified platform boasts precise customer targeting, support from a committed marketing team, insightful post-campaign data analytics, native language support, and over 260 bidding parameters available to fine-tune campaigns. Airtel Ads prioritizes brand safety through powerful AI tools and conveniently enables payments in local African currencies.

The platform has already demonstrated exceptional results, boasting a weekly audience reach of 27 billion impressions. Additionally, Airtel Ad program generates 23.5 million daily in-app impressions and surpasses 200 million daily SMS notifications with potential for increased visibility through end-of-SMS tag messaging.

“We are thrilled to introduce Airtel Ads to the African market,” said Anthony Shiner, Airtel Africa’s Chief Commercial Officer. “This revolutionary platform will empower businesses to take control of their marketing initiatives unlike ever before. By harnessing Airtel Africa’s immense customer base and cutting-edge technology, Airtel Ads demonstrates our commitment to shaping Africa’s communications landscape. We believe businesses will see tangible results through the data-driven insights Airtel Ads provides.”

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