Faiba Dominates Fixed Internet, Safaricom Tops Mobile in Kenya’s 2024 nPerf Rankings

Faiba subscribers in Kenya enjoyed the best fixed internet performance for the first quarter of 2024. This is according to the nPerf Speed Test report, which utilised over 61,436 tests conducted through its free Internet speed test application. All tests in this study were carried out between April 1, 2023, and March 31, 2024, and included Wi-Fi networks to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the Internet services provided by different ISPs in the country.

Fixed Internet: Unmatched Performance by Faiba

The nPerf score, which incorporates measured speeds and latency to reflect the user’s perception, crowned Faiba as the leader with 51,712 nPoints. The importance of download speeds is underscored in the nPerf report, with Telkom – unexpectedly – offering an impressive 33 Mb/s, setting the benchmark for fast, high-quality connections capable of handling demanding online activities like 4K video streaming.

Latency is another crucial measure of connectivity quality. Zuku and Mawingu provided the most responsive connections, with latencies of 39 ms and 41 ms, respectively, ensuring quick interactions and minimal delays.

In the realm of streaming, Safaricom scored the highest with 74.5%, providing customers with an almost uninterrupted YouTube streaming experience. The nPerf report highlighted this as an indication of smooth video playback, which has become an integral part of the user experience.

Web browsing performance was led by Faiba, with a 38% score, equating to an average page load time of 6.2 seconds. Safaricom and Zuku closely followed, underlining the competitive nature of the market.

Table 1: Fixed Internet Performance in Kenya (2024)

ProviderDownload Speed (Mb/s)Upload Speed (Mb/s)Latency (ms)Web Browsing (%)YouTube Streaming (%)nPerf Score (nPoints)
Full Report Here

Cellular Internet: Safaricom’s Dominance

On the mobile front, Safaricom showcased robust performance across the board. With the world leaning more towards mobile connectivity, Safaricom’s leading average download speed of 22 Mb/s signifies their pivotal role in the mobile internet landscape.

Airtel also put forth a commendable performance, especially in streaming quality, achieving an average score of 76%. This indicates Airtel’s ability to deliver a competitive quality of service, particularly for media consumption.

Table 2: Mobile Internet Performance in Kenya (2024)

ProviderDownload Speed (Mb/s)Upload Speed (Mb/s)Latency (ms)Web Browsing (%)YouTube Streaming (%)nPerf Score (nPoints)
Full Report Here

International Comparison: Kenya Sets the Pace

Kenya’s average mobile download speed of 19 Mb/s is a noteworthy statistic, surpassing several other African countries. This achievement mirrors the country’s investment and advancements in telecommunication infrastructure, which have been pivotal in enhancing connectivity across the nation.

Table 3: International Mobile Download Speed Comparison (2024)

CountryAverage Mobile Download Speed (Mb/s)


The fixed internet market in Kenya is characterised by dynamic performance ranges, with Faiba securing the top spot. Safaricom and Zuku present themselves as strong contenders, particularly in streaming capabilities, while Telkom, despite its top speeds, displays variability that could impact user experience. Mawingu remains a practical option for basic services.

The cellular internet segment paints a picture of stratification, with Safaricom leading the way, trailed closely by Airtel and Faiba, which showcase specific strengths. Telkom’s significant lag suggests potential areas for growth and enhancement.


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