TikTok “Add to Music” Now Available in 163 New Countries

TikTok is expanding its innovative features with the global rollout of its Add to Music App, now reaching an impressive total of 163 new countries, including a significant presence in 41 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa, such as Kenya and Nigeria. This expansion follows the feature’s successful debut in 2023, signaling a new era of music discovery and consumption directly influenced by the social media giant. The Add to Music App, specifically designed for TikTok‘s vast user base, enables music enthusiasts to seamlessly save songs discovered on TikTok to their preferred music streaming services, thereby enhancing the overall music listening experience.

The core of the Add to Music App lies in its ability to bridge the gap between music discovery on TikTok and music consumption on various streaming platforms. It functions by introducing a simple yet effective “Add Song” button next to the track names displayed at the bottom of videos in the For You Feed. This feature invites users to save the encountered song to a music streaming service of their choosing, provided it is supported. Upon its first use, users are prompted to select their preferred service, where the track is then added to a default playlist. Subsequently, users have the flexibility to organize these songs further into new or existing playlists, personalizing their music experience.

Importantly, the Add to Music App remembers the user’s choice of music streaming service, setting it as the default for future saves. However, TikTok emphasizes user autonomy by allowing changes to this default setting at any time within the app’s settings. This feature is not only accessible from the For You Feed but can also be used from an artist’s Sound Detail Page, amplifying its utility.

Isaac Bess, TikTok’s Global Head of Distribution Partnerships, encapsulates the essence of the Add to Music App’s mission, stating, “With Add to Music App, we are streamlining the music discovery experience for both TikTok users and artists.” He highlights the dual benefit of the feature, pointing out its role in driving music discovery and assisting tracks in gaining popularity and potentially becoming hits. Bess also underlines the broader implications of the app’s expansion, noting the increased opportunities for music discovery, consumption, and the growth potential it presents for artists looking to reach new audiences and advance their careers.

This ambitious rollout of the Add to Music App underscores TikTok’s commitment to enhancing the synergy between social media and the music industry. By facilitating a more integrated music discovery and listening experience, TikTok is not only enriching its platform’s value for users worldwide but also contributing significantly to the evolution of global music consumption patterns.

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