Sama Announces Initiatives to Champion Women in Technology

In Celebration of International Women's Day, the Company Announces Plans to Invest in Women at All Stages of Their Careers

Sama, a leading provider of data annotation and model validation solutions, recently announced a series of initiatives to support women in technology throughout 2024. The company underscored its commitment to gender equality and dismantling barriers for women in the digital economy.

In line with International Women’s Day celebrations, Sama outlined a program of events and actions that include secondary school lectures, leadership roundtables with female tech leaders, and social media spotlights on inspiring women in the company and the industry.

“The gender poverty gap remains a serious global issue, and women are vastly underrepresented in the AI industry. Sama is committed to creating an environment where everyone can succeed, regardless of gender,” said Wendy Gonzalez, CEO of Sama. “We are dedicated to developing the next generation of female leaders and building a more inclusive future for AI.”

Sama is a leader in gender representation within the tech industry, with women making up 53% of its global workforce, 48% of senior managers, and 50% of the executive team. The company actively works to create an equitable culture through policies, programs, and third-party evaluations.

To promote equal access to the digital economy, Sama will launch a public lecture series, starting this spring, to educate young people on opportunities in the tech industry. The first lecture will be delivered by Sama VP of Marketing Lisa Avvocato at a secondary school for financially disadvantaged girls in Kenya.

Additional initiatives include:

  • Year-round fireside chats and talks led by women throughout the company.
  • Mentorship programs, leadership development opportunities, and skill-building workshops for female employees.
  • A social media campaign to spotlight diverse success stories of women in the company and the broader AI industry.
  • Ongoing review of hiring policies to ensure gender balance, equal opportunities, and equal pay.

Sama’s success also benefits the Leila Janah Foundation (LJF), its primary shareholder. LJF focuses on providing work opportunities, not aid, to women and youth in East Africa. The LJF recently launched its Women Founders Award to support female entrepreneurs in rural western Kenya.

“Despite progress, women still disproportionately experience poverty and insecure work globally,” said Liliosa Mbirimi, Program Director at the LJF. “Initiatives from Sama, the LJF, and others are essential to give women a path out of poverty and into the formal economy, addressing a massive global inequality.”

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