Servercore Unveils Affiliate Program to Fuel Kenya’s Digital Expansion

Last year in November, Servercore, an international IT infrastructure provider with a strong presence in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, announced its entry into the Kenyan market. The move was part of the company’s strategic expansion to tap into the burgeoning demand for cloud services in Africa. Continuing its growth trajectory, Servercore has now unveiled its affiliate program, designed to leverage local and regional partnerships to further penetrate the African cloud services market.

On April 10th, in Nairobi, Servercore detailed the launch of its Affiliate Program in Africa. This initiative is set to provide lucrative earning opportunities for businesses, influencers, and individuals keen on promoting Servercore’s comprehensive cloud solutions. Participants in the affiliate program are poised to earn significant commissions, scaling with the volume of business they bring to Servercore.

The program’s structure is straightforward yet rewarding: affiliates receive a 10% commission for new client referrals spending up to 500,000 KES monthly on Servercore’s offerings. This commission percentage jumps to 15% for customer spending that surpasses the 500,000 KES mark. Should a customer’s expenditure fall below this threshold in subsequent months, the commission reverts to the standard 10%.

Affiliate Program Structure

Monthly Customer Spending (KES)Commission Rate
Up to 500,00010%
Above 500,00015%
Note: Commissions revert to 10% if monthly spending falls below 500,000 KES.

Servercore’s suite of services encompasses cloud and dedicated servers, cloud databases, managed Kubernetes, data storage and recovery services, and data science and analytics VMs, among others. These solutions are pivotal for Kenyan and African enterprises aiming to boost their efficiency, scalability, and overall performance.

One of Servercore’s key advantages is its Nairobi availability zone, which promises local businesses reduced data transmission times, faster loading speeds for web applications, and enhanced real-time data processing capabilities. These features are particularly advantageous for sectors requiring immediate data access, such as financial services and e-commerce, thereby elevating the end-user experience.

Moreover, Servercore’s commitment to supporting its clientele is evident through its offer of payments in local currency, complimentary data migration services, a 99.98% SLA guarantee, and round-the-clock customer support, all at no extra charge.

The affiliate program targets a wide audience, including digital agencies, software developers, cybersecurity consultants, and others seeking supplementary income through referral activities. With no cap on the number of customers an affiliate can refer, the program presents an attractive and scalable earning mechanism. Rewards accrued can either be utilized for Servercore services or withdrawn directly to personal bank accounts.

Highlighting the potential of the Kenyan market, Victoria Kleinbort, the Country Manager for Kenya at Servercore, remarked on the country’s digital evolution. Dubbed the ‘Silicon Savannah’, Nairobi symbolizes East Africa’s tech revolution, buoyed by innovation, a dynamic workforce, and supportive government policies. Initiatives like the Digital Master Plan 2022-2032 underscore the government’s commitment to fostering a robust digital economy, emphasizing infrastructure, data management, and innovation. The rise of mobile money services, e-commerce, and e-government services further delineates Kenya’s digital landscape, making it ripe for cloud-based innovations and partnerships.


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