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BuuPass Acquires Quickbus, Expanding Its Pan-African Bus Ticketing Network

BuuPass, a leading B2B2C mobility marketplace, has finalised the acquisition of Quickbus, a significant player in the bus ticketing service sector in Nigeria and South Africa. This development was facilitated by Founders Factory Africa, a prominent early-stage tech investor in Africa, which has been instrumental in supporting BuuPass since its inception.

BuuPass operates under the B2B2C model, which combines both business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales approaches. The company provides a platform that bus companies (its B2B clients) use to sell tickets directly to travellers (the end consumers), thereby streamlining the ticket booking process through technological integration.

Founded in 2016, BuuPass has revolutionised the way travelers book bus tickets by providing a user-friendly platform that allows customers to search, compare, and book travel tickets through its website, mobile app, and a USSD system accessible on any mobile phone. To date, BuuPass has sold over 6 million travel tickets and served more than 16 million passengers, generating over $100 million in total value of goods sold.

The acquisition of Quickbus is set to add over 5,000 new routes to BuuPass’s existing network, significantly enhancing the service offerings to African consumers. Moreover, BuuPass will onboard more than 100 bus operators and establish several high-profile online distribution partnerships, including with financial and telecommunications giants such as FNB, Vodacom, and MTN.

Eunice Wambui, Investment Principal at Founders Factory Africa, expressed pride in BuuPass’s achievements: “As an early investor and backer, Founders Factory Africa is proud to see BuuPass expand to Nigeria and South Africa. BuuPass is already changing the daily lives of its customers as it moves closer to fulfilling its vision of being a pan-African travel booking platform.”

Sonia Kabra, Co-Founder of BuuPass, also commented on the expansion: “We are excited to expand our footprint in Africa as we actively look for more opportunities to bring our platform to new African markets. BuuPass aims to create a comprehensive, continent-wide network of interconnected transport options for seamless global and continental travel, and this acquisition is a significant milestone toward that goal.”

This expansion not only signifies BuuPass’s commitment to enhancing the accessibility of travel in Africa but also underscores the vital role of innovative solutions in the continent’s economic growth. Founders Factory Africa continues to support its portfolio companies like BuuPass, providing bespoke, in-market support to help them attain their vision at scale.

With over 60 ventures across 10 countries in East, West, North, and Southern Africa, Founders Factory Africa remains a beacon of support for Africa’s most visionary entrepreneurs, combining capital investment with hands-on operational support to de-risk investments and drive substantial returns.

As BuuPass integrates Quickbus into its operations, the future looks promising for the enhanced connectivity and efficiency of bus travel across Africa, paving the way for a more connected and economically vibrant continent.


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