Huawei Introduces Wi-Fi 7 Network Solutions at Nairobi Event

Huawei has unveiled a new series of products and solutions designed for Wi-Fi 7 campuses, along with advanced network technologies for the power and transportation industries and smart home networks. The announcement was made at the Huawei Kenya IP & OptiX Club 2024, held under the theme “F5G Advanced, the Foundation for Industry Intelligence.”

The Huawei IP & OptiX Club serves as a pivotal platform for exchanges in IP and optical technology across diverse industries. This year’s event saw participation from key players in government, transportation, ISP, finance, energy, and commercial sectors. Discussions focused on the cutting-edge applications of IP communication, optical fiber communication, and optical fiber sensing technologies within their respective fields.

Kevin Wenkai, Managing Director of Huawei Eastern Africa Enterprise, highlighted the company’s investment in Research and Development (R&D) aimed at producing high-quality, reliable solutions. “Our value proposition at Huawei is centered around our customer-focused approach and our commitment to continually enhancing the customer experience,” Wenkai stated. He also expressed enthusiasm about continuing collaboration with customers and partners to deliver these innovative solutions.

During the event, Mr. Loyford Murithi, ICT Director at the Ministry of Information, Communications, and Technology (MOIC & DE), praised Huawei for its ongoing investment in Kenya’s ICT sector and its enduring partnership with the ministry. “At the Connected Africa Summit, Huawei showcased the future of technology development in the network and transmission fields, emphasizing AI’s role in accelerating network intelligence,” Murithi remarked. He also highlighted new transmission technologies like fifth-generation fixed network (F5G), fgOTN, and 50G PON that are set to revolutionize fiber connectivity to homes, enterprises, machines, and computing infrastructures.

Murithi thanked Huawei for its continued investment in Kenya and its commitment to the Kenyan people, expressing optimism for the success of Huawei’s new products in the local and international markets.

Huawei’s commitment to improving network quality underscores the essence of intelligent transformation—providing more intelligent digital services to boost efficiency and productivity across various industries. As a leader in Kenya’s ICT landscape, Huawei is dedicated to driving digital transformation and promoting equitable access to networks, aiming for a fully connected and digitally inclusive world.

The company’s ongoing efforts are expected to lay a strong foundation for digital advancements in Kenya and contribute to building long-term relationships with stakeholders in both the private and public sectors.


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