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Google’s Hustle Academy Re-launches with Enhanced AI Focus to Boost African SMBs

Google has recently announced the opening of applications for the 2024 cohort of its Hustle Academy, an innovative program first launched in 2022, which has been instrumental in propelling the growth of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across Sub-Saharan Africa. With its latest iteration, Google introduces a significant enhancement to the curriculum: business-centric AI training aimed at empowering African SMBs by integrating cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies into their operational strategies.

The Importance of SMBs in Africa:

Small and medium-sized businesses are crucial to the economic fabric of Africa. They not only contribute significantly to GDP but also are vital in job creation and innovation. Despite their importance, SMBs face numerous challenges, including limited access to crucial funding and a lack of essential business skills and resources. The International Finance Corporation highlights that 40% of formal SMBs in developing countries experience an unmet funding need totalling approximately $5.2 trillion annually.

Google’s Hustle Academy seeks to bridge these gaps by offering comprehensive business education, mentorship, and networking opportunities tailored to the specific needs and challenges of African SMBs. Since its inception, the program has had a transformative impact, with more than 10,000 businesses benefiting from its resources. Notably, participants who received grants through the program nearly doubled their success rate in accessing new funding sources, climbing from 11% to 20%.

AI Integration into the Curriculum:

With the integration of AI into the Hustle Academy curriculum, Google aims to amplify the academy’s impact significantly. Kristy Grant, Head of B2B Marketing for SSA at Google, emphasized the transformative potential of AI for SMBs. According to her, AI can drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and unlock new levels of economic growth.

The new AI-focused modules will teach participants how to make data-driven decisions, optimize operations, and develop AI-powered marketing strategies. Specific courses like “Boost Your Productivity with AI” and “Marketing Strategy and AI” will provide practical insights into how SMBs can leverage AI to save time and enhance their digital outreach efforts.

Hustle Academy 2024 Program Details and Application Process:

The 2024 Hustle Academy is now welcoming applications from SMBs based in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. The program is scheduled to run through the end of the year, offering a comprehensive curriculum that blends traditional business skills with innovative AI applications.

To apply or get more information, SMBs can visit the official Hustle Academy website at This opportunity is not only a chance to gain valuable business knowledge but also to become part of a growing network of forward-thinking African entrepreneurs and business leaders.


Google’s Hustle Academy stands as a beacon of support and innovation for SMBs in Sub-Saharan Africa. By integrating AI into its curriculum, Google is not just addressing the immediate challenges faced by these businesses but also equipping them for future success. This strategic focus on AI underscores Google’s commitment to fostering economic growth and technological advancement across the continent.


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