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Africa’s Fastest Growing Companies List of 2024 Features 5 Kenyan Firms

The “Africa’s Fastest Growing Companies 2024” list, released by the Financial Times and Statista, showcases a spectrum of high-growth firms across Africa, reflecting a year rich in innovation and economic advancement. Notably, Kenya’s strong performance, with five companies listed, highlights its vital role in the continent’s business ecosystem.

Kenya’s Strong Performance in High-Growth Firms:

Kentegra Biotechnology

Kentegra Biotechnology Epz Ltd., ranked 9th on the 2024 list of Africa’s Fastest Growing Companies, is making significant strides in the health care and life sciences sector in Kenya. As a biotechnology firm, Kentegra is at the forefront of developing and deploying innovative health solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges faced in the region.

Lipa Later:

Lipa Later Ltd., securing the 25th position on the 2024 list of Africa’s Fastest Growing Companies, is revolutionising financial services in Kenya through its innovative consumer credit platform. This fintech company specialises in providing accessible and affordable credit solutions, enabling consumers to purchase products and services via installment plans without the need for traditional banking facilities.

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Quick Mart:

Quick Mart Ltd. ranks 34th on the 2024 list of Africa’s Fastest Growing Companies, showcasing its significant expansion in Kenya’s retail sector. Quick Mart has become a cornerstone in the community by providing a wide array of products ranging from groceries to household essentials at competitive prices.

Turaco Ltd:

Turaco Ltd., ranked 42nd on Africa’s Fastest Growing Companies list for 2024, is making noteworthy advances in Kenya’s insurance sector. Turaco is dedicated to demystifying and simplifying insurance for the masses by offering micro-insurance products that are both affordable and accessible.

M-Kopa’s third appearance on list

M-KOPA, consistently recognised and now ranked 15th for the third consecutive year, remains a stalwart in the fintech sector. It has revolutionised financial access by providing more than $1 billion in credit through its micro-payment platform, enabling millions to acquire smartphones, solar energy products, and financial services. The CFO of M-KOPA, Faraimose Kutadzaushe, expressed pride in their sustained recognition, emphasizing the foundational role of smartphones in empowering customers to navigate financial challenges and achieve progress. He stated, “We are proud to be one of the largest and most consistent companies on the FT ‘Africa’s Fastest Growing Companies’ list for three successive years. As we continue to scale, our commitment to building long-term relationships with our customers remains unwavering.”

Top of List: Omniretail Inc., Leading the Way in E-Commerce

Top of List: Omniretail Inc., Leading the Way in E-Commerce Africa's Fastest Growing Companies List of 2024 Features 5 Kenyan Firms

Leading the entire list is Nigeria’s Omniretail Inc., an e-commerce behemoth that has revolutionized retail and supply chain operations across Sub-Saharan Africa. Boasting a remarkable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 772.39% between 2019 and 2022, Omniretail has redefined commerce with its digital platforms and sophisticated logistics solutions. The success of Omniretail is encapsulated in its flagship product, OmniBiz, which optimizes the retail process by facilitating direct interactions between retailers and manufacturers. According to the CEO of Omniretail, their top ranking is a tribute to the team’s perseverance and the robust digital infrastructure that has been a cornerstone of their exponential growth.

Top 10 Africa’s Fastest Growing Companies:

  1. Omniretail Inc. (Nigeria) – E-commerce
  2. Kyosk Digital (Mauritius) – E-commerce
  3. Resourgenix Pty Ltd. (South Africa) – Employment Services
  4. Moniepoint (Nigeria) – Fintech, Financial Services & Insurance
  5. Afex Commodities Exchange Ltd. (Nigeria) – Fintech, Financial Services & Insurance
  6. Chari (Morocco) – E-commerce
  7. Enara Group (Egypt) – Energy & Utilities
  8. Yellow Digital Retailers Ltd. (Mauritius) – Energy & Utilities
  9. Kentegra Biotechnology Epz Ltd. (Kenya) – Health Care & Life Sciences
  10. HearX Group Pty Ltd. (South Africa) – Health Care & Life Sciences

The full list is available on

The geographic spread of the companies on this list, from 19 different countries with Nigeria and South Africa leading in entries, underscores the broad-based growth and innovation occurring across the continent. Nigeria tops the list with ten entries, followed by South Africa, which shows the significant role these countries play as economic powerhouses in Africa.

Notably, emerging economies such as Mauritius and Egypt also make impressive entries with three companies each, emphasising their emerging roles in regional economic sectors. Smaller markets such as Ivory Coast and Somalia/Somaliland are also represented, demonstrating the expansive reach of entrepreneurial success throughout Africa, even in regions often overlooked in global economic discussions.

Each company’s unique contributions are not only propelling their local economies but are also crucially positioning Africa as a significant player in the global market.

The 2024 rankings of Africa’s Fastest Growing Companies not only celebrate these enterprises’ achievements but also highlight the strategic innovations that are driving Africa’s economic future. As these companies continue to expand and evolve, they promise to play pivotal roles in the sustainable development and economic empowerment of the continent.


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