NBA Africa, Safaricom Partner to Revolutionise Basketball in Kenya

Safaricom is partnering with NBA Africa to launch a multiyear youth basketball development program in Kenya, targeting to engage over 10,000 young athletes through a series of initiatives designed to foster growth and love for the game of basketball. This collaboration marks a significant expansion of NBA Africa’s commitment to developing basketball talents across East Africa, while also naming Safaricom as an Official Partner of the Jr. NBA in Kenya. The initiative’s aim is not only to increase participation in basketball but also to promote holistic development among the youth through sport

Expansive NBA Program Outline.

The program will roll out through various facets, including regional and national Junior NBA tournaments, Junior NBA Fit clinics, coaching development workshops, and life skills seminars. The regional tournaments will span across Kenya, involving boys and girls aged 16 and under. These tournaments are structured to culminate in a 16-team national championship later in the year, providing a platform for showcasing and nurturing young talent at a competitive level. Additionally, the inclusion of Junior Fit clinics will focus on physical fitness and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through basketball.

A significant feature of this collaboration is the elite basketball development camp that will select 100 top high-school-age players from across the country. This camp is designed to offer intensive training and development opportunities under the guidance of seasoned coaches and players. The top prospects from this camp will have the chance to further their development through NBA Africa’s various other elite initiatives on the continent, potentially opening doors to international careers in basketball.

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Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner, emphasised the collaborative effort’s alignment with the Association’s broader goals. “Our collaboration with Safaricom builds on the NBA’s ongoing efforts to grow basketball in Kenya and across the continent of Africa,” said Silver. He expressed enthusiasm about creating more avenues for the youth to engage in sports and absorb the values inherent in sporting activities such as teamwork, leadership, and perseverance.

Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa also highlighted the telecommunication giant’s commitment to nurturing talent and passion among the Kenyan youth. “For over two decades, we have supported Kenyan passion points including sports such as football, rugby, and golf,” stated Ndegwa. He added, “We have created numerous opportunities for our youth, providing them with a platform through which they can launch their sports careers. We do this because we are Kenya’s biggest supporter and are led by our purpose of transforming lives.” The partnership with NBA Africa is seen as a continuation of Safaricom’s dedication to sports and its potential to transform lives.

Expansion in Africa

The establishment of an NBA Africa subsidiary in Nairobi in November 2023 has been a strategic move to consolidate the NBA’s efforts in Kenya. The Nairobi office, located in Westlands, serves as a hub for coordinating basketball and business development initiatives in the country. Led by Senior Director and Country Operations Lead Michael Finley, this office is NBA Africa’s fifth on the continent, joining others in Cairo, Dakar, Johannesburg, and Lagos.

The announcement of this initiative has been met with positive responses from various stakeholders in Kenya and the broader African sports community. By focusing on development through sport, NBA Africa and Safaricom are contributing to the growth of basketball and the shaping of future leaders in the community.

Further details about the Junior tournaments and the elite camp, including dates and locations, will be announced later, as stakeholders eagerly anticipate the unfolding of these events. Through this program, NBA Africa and Safaricom are set to make a significant impact on the sporting landscape in Kenya, enhancing the prospects of young athletes and promoting a healthier, more vibrant future.


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