Airtel Launches Unlimited Home Internet, Everything You Need to Know

Airtel Kenya is making significant strides in the home internet market, aiming to challenge the dominance of Safaricom and other major players such as Jamii Telecommunications Limited (JTL) and Wananchi Group-owned Zuku. With the introduction of their new “Unlimited Home Broadband” service, Airtel is set to provide robust competition in a market that has long been under the tight grip of its rivals.

The company is betting on 5G, not fibre, unlike Zuku and Jamii Telecom. While Safaricom also offers Fibre for Home, they also have 5G for Home solutions. Airtel’s offer aims to undercut Safaricom’s offers by not only offering cheaper router prices, but also cheaper monthly payments. We have come a long way from 2019 when the solution Airtel was fronting then was just dumb.

Overview of Airtel’s 5G for Home and Businesses:

Airtel Kenya has launched a new series of unlimited home internet 5G data plans. These can also be used for businesses. This move is part of the company’s broader strategy to expand its market share and provide customers with reliable connectivity solutions. The launch includes a significant reduction in the price of their 5G home router, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

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Key Features of Airtel’s Unlimited Home Internet Plans

  1. Portable 5G Router: Unlike traditional fixed internet services, Airtel’s offering comes with a portable router. This innovative approach ensures better and uninterrupted connectivity, allowing users to enjoy high-speed internet on the go.
  2. Router Price Slash: Airtel has reduced the price of its 5G home router from Ksh 10,000 to Ksh 3,000, significantly lowering the entry barrier for customers looking to leverage their 5G network.
  3. Backup Power: The 5G router includes up to 5 hours of reserve battery power, ensuring continuous connectivity even during power outages.
  4. Fair Usage Policy (FUP): Airtel’s plans come with a fair usage policy to ensure optimal network performance. The FUP limits are generous, providing ample data for most users’ needs. After hitting these thresholds, internet speeds will reduce.

Detailed Pricing and Fair Usage Limits

Airtel’s unlimited data plans are structured into three tiers, catering to different user requirements and budgets. Below is a detailed table of the pricing and associated Fair Usage Policy limits:

Plan SpeedMonthly CostFair Usage Policy (FUP)
10 MbpsKsh 3,5001 TB
20 MbpsKsh 5,0001.5 TB
30 MbpsKsh 6,5003 TB

Only a single data plan can be active at any given moment. Upgrading or downgrading is possible once the existing plan has expired.

Enrolling in Airtel’s Unlimited Data Plans

To sign up for Airtel’s new unlimited data plans, customers can follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit an Airtel Shop: The routers and plans are available at Airtel shops nationwide. Customers can visit any Airtel shop to purchase the router and select a data plan.
  2. Dial *100#: Alternatively, customers can enrol by dialling *100# on their Airtel line.

Airtel’s foray into the home internet market comes at a time when Safaricom dominates with a 36.7% market share, followed by JTL and Zuku with 23.7% and 19.6%, respectively. Airtel’s new service aims to disrupt this balance by offering competitive pricing, portable and affordable 5G routers, and extensive coverage.

Extensive 5G Coverage

Airtel Launches Unlimited Home Internet, Everything You Need to Know

Since launching its 5G network mid-last year, Airtel has expanded its coverage significantly. Initially, the network comprised 372 sites across 16 counties. Today, Airtel’s 5G footprint has doubled to over 690 sites, spanning 39 counties. This extensive coverage ensures that more Kenyans can access high-speed internet, making Airtel a formidable player in the market.


Airtel Kenya’s launch of unlimited home internet plans, coupled with the significant reduction in router prices, marks a pivotal moment in the country’s home internet market. With competitive pricing, extensive 5G coverage, and innovative features like the portable router with backup power, Airtel is well-positioned to challenge the dominance of established players like Safaricom, JTL, and Zuku.

As the demand for high-speed home internet solutions continues to grow, Airtel’s new offering provides a compelling alternative for consumers and businesses alike. By making 5G technology more accessible and affordable, Airtel is not only enhancing its market presence but also contributing to the digital transformation of Kenya.


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