Twitter/X Makes All Your “Likes” Private

X, previously known as Twitter, has introduced a new privacy-centric update to its ‘Likes’ feature. This latest adjustment, rolling out this week, marks a shift in how user interactions are displayed on the platform, stirring varied reactions among its global user base.

What’s Changing with Likes?

X has decided to make ‘Likes’ tab that appears on each user’s profile private. Under the new system, while users can still view and manage their own likes, the “Likes” tab will no longer be visible to others. This means that the once-public tally of likes on tweets will now be a private affair, with a few specific exceptions:

  • Users will continue to receive notifications about the likes on their own posts, allowing them to see who has liked their tweets.
  • Although others cannot see who liked a tweet, the original author of the post will still have access to this information.

This update democratizes a feature that was previously exclusive to Twitter Blue or X Premium subscribers. Formerly, only paying members could choose to hide their likes, but now this privacy is extended to every user on the platform, irrespective of their subscription status.

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The response to this change has been mixed. On one hand, some users appreciate the move towards greater privacy, suggesting that likes are superficial metrics that do not contribute meaningfully to the discourse on the platform. On the other hand, critics argue that this update diminishes the social aspect of X.

The update could be seen as a reaction to past controversies where public figures – politicians, celebrities, and others – were scrutinized for their digital endorsements. Incidents where likes by high-profile individuals led to public relations issues underscore the pitfalls of a fully transparent like system. By privatizing likes, X may be aiming to shield influential users from unintended public scrutiny and backlash.

Twitter/X Policy Change on Adult Content:

Interestingly, this update follows closely on the heels of X announcing that it would officially allow adult content on the platform. While it might seem unrelated at first, the timing of these updates could suggest a broader strategy aimed at reshaping user interactions and content dynamics on the platform. The connection, if any, between these policy changes remains a subject of speculation and debate.

The Future of X

As X continues to evolve under new management, the full impact of these changes on user behaviour and platform engagement remains to be seen. The shift towards more private interactions might align with a broader trend in social media towards personalization and privacy, but whether this will enhance or hinder the X experience is a question only time will answer.


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