Saturday, November 28, 2020
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I think being Apple's first try, the M1 chips are really good, but there's a lot more they must have held back before the transition is complete. I expect crazier numbers with the more powerful 13-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. And I expect even crazier performance with the iMacs and Mac Pros to come.
While Safari is good with performance and battery life, I believe Microsoft Edge beats it by just being a better Google Chrome. So you're getting the same stuff you'd get with Google Chrome but maintaining the great performance, and great battery life from Safari.
Twitter has finally joined the bandwagon. From today on the stories feature we’ve seen take over social media sites (including LinkedIn for some reason) – now called fleets by Twitter
If you're looking to get the new PlayStation 5 (PS5), or the new Xbox Series X and Series S in Kenya, you must have realised the pricing is very high, while you're not even assured you'll get it on time.
If you're planning on switching from Windows to a Mac device, you most definitely want to know what you'll be gaining and what you'll be losing, and this post helps.
Google has ended free backups for life on Google Photos. But this isn't the first time the company is doing such a thing, and they can never be trusted for anything going forward
When SWVL launched, it was a new approach to transport as we'd never seen before. The buses were different, clean, organised, and time-based. This was in contrast to the noisy matatu industry.
Here are things you should consider if you're planning on switching from an Android device to an iPhone in Kenya. Plus why getting a new Android Phone makes more sense than an old iPhone.
With Safaricom's new 'Pochi la Biashara' the company is finally introducing small fixes to the big privacy issue currently affecting all M-Pesa users who rely on the platform.
TECNO and Infinix needed to convince customers a lot more on why they should pick up their devices over say a Xiaomi, Vivo, realme, OPPO, or Samsung phone.
While one CANNOT say Safaricom got to its position unfairly, it would be unfair to say there's still a chance for any other company to rise, or even compete with them. That fact effectively makes them a monopoly.
MagSafe appears to be such a simple and cool approach to wireless charging that I bet many companies out there are currently wondering why they never thought of it
'OverHere' allows you to buy now, pay later while using device should you trust them? What data do they want from you? Are they the real deal, or is there something else you should know?
Ramtons aims to make lives in the home and kitchen easier through innovative products, ample availability and strong after-sales support. Our focus is always on making our customer's lives more convenient.
From the many phones I've received on my desk to review, I've noticed one thing. All of them support the Faiba 4G network. That's for both voice calls, and data.