Sunday, February 28, 2021
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According to research done by Nokia and Telefónica, 5G networks can be up to 90% more efficient per traffic unit than their 4G predecessors, but they still require far more energy due to increased network density, heavy reliance on IT systems and infrastructure, and increased network use and accelerated traffic growth.
Spotify has been doing app tests with a section of users in Kenya and Tanzania over the past few weeks. This is probably because they may want to integrate local payment procedures - especially for the two markets that rely heavily on M-Pesa.
A team of academic experts have investigated this vital topic. They have found multiple positive effects of technology on academic writing skills in students. We will highlight their findings.
Safaricom is introducing a "FAIR USAGE POLICY" with its Home Fibre Internet, and it is bad bad bad, especially for people who work from home and rely - solely - on Safaricom's Home solution for all their needs.
Clubhouse Techish kenya

Is Clubhouse safe to use?

One of the risks is privacy risks. This is often connected with the fact that people feel they are surrounded by like-minded individuals and friends, which allows them to behave more authentically than they would in front of strangers.
As the world gradually adjusts to a ‘new normal’ during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, researchers, businesses, factories, offices, employees, medical researchers etc., are exploiting a variety of high-tech corporate and personal solutions to keep the virus at bay and to reduce overall spread.
Lack of knowledge related to these risks have made most of us vulnerable and the scammers are banking on our vulnerability to feed off from it. Scammers are always looking to exploit people
This realisation has led to a shift in attitudes to privacy and the way citizens, organisations and governments perceive it. In response, Kaspersky’s privacy experts share their vision of the changes that lie ahead in the privacy field in 2021.
The key areas of growth within the technology space are anticipated to be robotic process automation (RPA), analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT), primarily due to their potential to optimise system and process efficiencies. Cloud adoption is at an all-time high
When the M1 Macs launched, apart from being excited about how powerful they were while offering great battery life, I was also excited that finally one could run iPad and iPhone apps.
If you have plans of doing business in a developing country or emerging business market, you may want to consider Kenya for your next venture. With technical advancements and innovations continuously improving, there has never been a better time to explore these untapped industries.
After years of complaining about ColorOS, OPPO turned around and embraced a cleaner looking UI with its latest devices. From Android 10, ColorOS has been cleaner, easier to use, and very well organised.
This technological and societal change has impacted both business and general households alike, with studies show that households have at least 10 connected devices today and in the future, it could go up to even 50 devices
Tayo Akinyemi, lead researcher and writer of the report added: “In our conversations with numerous investors and founders, it is clear that nuances in variables such as consumer behavior, cultural norms, and business practices impact startups significantly
The black-list Xiaomi has been added to is DIFFERENT from the Entity List by the U.S. Commerce Department that banned Huawei and DJi from doing any businesses with US companies. Essentially, Xiaomi can still continue doing its businesses as it normally has been