Friday, February 21, 2020
Dell Vostro
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Why people love YouTube React videos...
You can find electronic devices, lifestyle items, PCs, phones and other various accessories.
A ride for KES. 200 would make sense hadn't the company gone ahead and brought in bad serviced, small 14-seater vans. But since it's now just a matatu to get from an app, no one should pay more than 80 shillings.
It is a sad thing that ever since Google decided to kill the app for no reason, nothing has replaced it, and the normal Gmail still sucks.
If I can guess your number, I can know your full names. Thanks to M-Pesa.
It's been rumoured for a while now that Samsung will jump from S10 to S20, but that's now confirmed with the latest full leak of the phone that's launching in a few weeks.
With growing competition from big brands, 2020 may be a particularly challenging year for Transsion
Safaricom has invited bids from companies to help it build profiles of their customers based on telephone usage, and location. Problem is this comes after Kenya passed a Data Protection law.
The thing is, good surveillance cameras aren’t all that easy to pick from. You will find hundreds, if not thousands of options out there, and you’ll find it difficult to choose which is right for you.
The Tech Trends That Will Shape The New Decade
Things Safaricom should change with M-PESA in 2020 from transaction costs, to loans, to developer relations.
No matter how great your startup and how talented your team, you can’t excel at everything. For any business, there are always elements which are better outsourced to the experts.
BBK Electronics subsidiary VIVO officially set up shop in Kenya, and it has been a couple of months since their phones went on sale. Have they sold out well, and what can we expect in 2020?
Many of us are simply inseparable from our little handheld devices and would certainly miss them if they weren’t around anymore, that’s for sure.
Samsung had a great year in the African market thanks to the launch of the Galaxy A-series which offered more for less.
Dell Vostro