Nokia Here Maps Available on Android for Samsung Devices

Nokia has released a BETA version of Here Maps for Android in the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store. The Here Maps is an alternative to Google Maps. The best alternative, I dare say. Here Maps’ best feature is that one is allowed to download large parts of the Map for offline use.

After Microsoft’s acquisition of the Mobile devices unit at Nokia, what is left of the company no longer ties to Windows Phone, and this is a clear sign of Nokia’s intentions of broadening its market share. Think of it, Nokia will die without their mobile unit. So they have to do something to survive. And this is a step in the right direction. Samsung might also be looking to reduce their dependency on Google’s services. I am sure somehow the app will be available to other Android devices soon, but the take up will be by Samsung devices since it is readily available in their slightly (almost not) used Galaxy Apps Store. Before the end of the year however, Nokia will be releasing the App to the larger Android ecosystem and iOS.

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