Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Google Reinvents Email with new Inbox

On 22nd October Google announced a brand new app called ‘Inbox’ that has taken years in the making. Google says Inbox is designed to focus on what really matters. And it is designed by the team that brought us Gmail.

Inbox by Gmail

The new app is not just a normal emailing app. It focuses on people who receive a lot of emails in a single day. And there are many of us. Sometimes we miss very important information due to the high number of emails here and there. This app is set out to help people get work done without having emails as a distraction.

The simple idea is this, though it is an email app, instead of the traditional email list we’ve gotten used to, the new app intelligently gives one more info on your emails, arranges them in Google Now stylized cards together with flight times, photos and even tracking of packages so that you don’t miss a thing even without having to open the emails.

Some of the features of Inbox include:

This is to help you stay organised automatically by bringing similar emails for example grouping all your purchase receipts together for your quick review. Plus one can even customise Inbox to learn which types of emails you’d like to have grouped together.

This feature enables you glance at important information such as flight itineraries, event information, photos and documents. It will also show you information in the web that wasn’t included in the email such as real-time flight status.

Reminders and assists
Set what you’d like to remember on Reminders while the Assists feature supplies you with useful info that relates to your Reminders.

Wonderful thing this is if you ask me. The Gmail team is surely helping keep Email useful and not ‘noisy’.

To download Inbox:
Inbox is currently working on an invite only basis. But you can email inbox@google.com to get an invite soon.

Inbox is bound to succeed as I see it. Especially with the way it integrates with Google Now assistant to make things easier.

What do you think? Is it better than competing services like Hotmail, iCloud or AOL? Let us know in comments.

UPDATE: Inbox is now open to everyone.


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