Facebook launched Internet.org a year ago as an initiative, in collaboration with interested Tech Industry players, to bring free internet access to everyone on earth. About 5 Billion people in the world are in need of the internet but cannot access it. The app delivers free basic services ranging from education, employment, finance and more.

The app, which is Android only, will be launching in Kenya this week is already in operation, in partnership with Airtel Kenya. I’m pretty sure it’ll spread later on to all other carriers (hopeful). But for now only Airtel users can access free internet through the app.

Some of the sites you can access free currently are

  • BBC
  • Brighter Monday
  • Daily Nation
  • Facebook
  • OLX
  • Wattpad
  • Wikipedia

The sites are pretty decent for mobile and you can even view proper images. There once was a 0.facebook.com where data was free but there were no images. Internet.org however brings decent sites with images. For example Daily Nation is accessible through http://mobile-nation-co-ke.0.internet.org/ while Facebook through https://m2.facebook.com/.

Kenya is the third country in Africa, after Zambia and Tanzania, to get the app. I was particularly hurt when Facebook didn’t launch it first in Kenya as most Kenyans nowadays really rely on the internet but access is still a problem. The government promised free WIFI never reaches. I’m also angry with Google for not bringing the Android One to Kenya.

The Internet.org founding patners include Ericsson, Mediatek, Opera Softwares, Samsung, Nokia, Qualcomm and of course Facebook.

I am hopeful for free and fast internet throughout the world. What are your thoughts on Free internet?


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