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Best Phones Under 10K in Kenya (July 2015)

I do this sometimes. Give you a list of the best under 10K or under 20K. I’m introducing a new list of phones between 10K and 15K. The last list I did was back in March. Here’s the post. Things have changed by now. Better devices have appeared, with very good specs and at very good prices. This time round a few devices from my March list make a reappearance as they still are the very best.

  • Infinix Hot X507

It was number 2 in my previous list. It comes to number one this time as the Infinix Hot Note’s price increased from Ksh 9,999 to Ksh. 10,499. Technically the Hot Note is still at the 10K mark but for now it is on my new list. Here’s my review of the Infinix Hot X507.

  • InnJoo Fire

This is a newbie. Back in March, this company hadn’t really been something. I was still getting myself to pronounce the name correctly (injuu) and accept the company. The Fire is an awesome device at Ksh. 8300. I loved it. Here’s my review of the InnJoo Fire.

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  • Tecno H6

Still going strong on this list is the Tecno H6. It is like a mini version of the Infinix Hot Note. So you’ve guessed it right, almost all features of the Hot Note, except maybe battery are on this device. It is on sale for about Ksh. 8000 right now. Here’s my review of the Tecno H6.

  • Tecno Y4

Looked to me like some coloured Lumia first time I saw it. Didn’t get the “many colours” at first. It appears on my list as it delivers quite impressively at Ksh. 7,000. Here’s my review of the Tecno Y4.

  • Lumia 530

Still going strong this device. The Lumia 535 has already replaced it though. So I think I am calling it the new Lumia 520. Here’s my review of the Lumia 530.

  • Lumia 430

A lovely windows phone. I hope it also gets Windows 10 for mobiles soon. Here’s my Review.


The next phones are, in my opinion, targeted at first-time smartphone users. They are all sub-10K and perform somewhat impressively. I have some sort of dislike for the Safaricom Neon smartphone but it should be on this list so…:

  • Fly Thunder 3 IQ4415

This is an awesomely designed device. You will love the feel of it. And apart from RAM and Internal Storage, everything else on this phone is good at the price. Here’s my review of the Fly Thunder 3.Fire Thunder IQ 4415


  • Tecno R5

Appears for the second time on this best list.  It is a 4 inch IPS phone. It has an 1800mAh battery, 8GB internal storage and 1GB RAM. The processor is 1.3GHz Quad Core. The front camera is 2MP while the rear one is 5MP. I will do a quick/full review post if people gain interest on the device. It costs (less than) Ksh. 7,999.

  • Tecno H3

Also appearing for the 2nd time. It is a 3.5 inch IPS touchscreen device. Its main selling point is the 2000mAh battery which lasts long for such a small device. It has 4GB internal storage, 512MB RAM and a dual core 1Ghz processor. The rear camera is 5MP while the front one is 0.3MP. It costs (less than) Ksh. 6499.

  • Safaricom Neon Smartphone

Not so impressive to me as it bears the name Safaricom. Could do much better. I mean it is Safaricom! It is a 3.5 inch phone running Android KitKat. Internal storage is 4GB. RAM is 512MB. 1Ghz Dual Core processor and 1400mAh battery.


What do you think of the devices mentioned? Worth it? Not worth it? Any devices I haven’t mentioned?

I have a feeling that soon we’ll be doing lists with devices running Lollipop only. Soon.


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