How Do You Use a Phone Without Rooting?


What is the first thing you do to your new phone? Apart from setting up your Google Account and retrieving all the important data?

I root my phone.

Rooting is not illegal. I do it so as to be able to

  1. Remove all the bloatware.
  2. Block ads.
  3. Access cool features on certain apps that require rooted devices.

Last month however, I decided not to root my device. I told myself, let me see how I can fair on without a rooted phone. Like someone I know who treats her devices as if they’re from heaven, I decided to leave the phone as it came. And it has been hell!

At first I convinced myself that rooting is not all that necessary. I told myself I could forego the privileges of having root access on certain apps as I never even used those apps. I lied to myself that I wouldn’t download apps that had ads and that incase I really needed an app and it had ads, I would switch off Mobile Data or WiFi and there would be no more worried. I told myself that not messing up with any single bit of the phone would put me on the safer side when it came to system updates. Big lies.

I have been stressed because of a non-rooted device. I could not open flappy bird because of all the ads at the top. I couldn’t pause a video when playing using MX Player. Pop ups everywhere. Honestly, it felt like noise. A lot of noise.

Which brings me to the question: How many times do you click on an ad from an app on your phone? Let’s be honest here. Have you ever seen an ad on any app on your phone and clicked on it? Lie to me.

It reached a point I couldn’t do it anymore. And so yesterday I rooted my device. It was stressing at first, and though I am still working on changing to SuperSU app from King User, I am relieved. No more noise.

This is a quick post to help you understand some benefits of having “administrator privileges” on your phone. Do away with those annoying ads. Do away with those stupid apps. Make the phone yours.


  1. Lol. Lol. Lol. I. Have. Never. Clicked. On. An. Ad. On. My. UNROOTED. Devices. Thank you very much.

    ~ Comment from my awesome UNROOTED s4 on Lollipop graciously delivered via automatic updates.


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