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How to Solve Problems with Infinix Hot Note after Lollipop Upgrade

If you have recently updated your Infinix Hot Note (I’ve written so many posts on this phone sasa) to Android 5.1 Lollipop, you might be facing the following issues:

  • System UI Keeps Crashing
  • No “3G Only” Option

I know how stressing it is. The menu button no longer exists, it is now a recent apps/ task manager shortcut. Now every time you want to access certain menu shortcuts, you end up with cards of recent apps or a notification telling you your System UI failed and then the screen goes black and you have to start everything afresh. You can no longer save pics from Facebook. You don’t know how WhatsApp works anymore. Everything without the Menu button is a miss. Then it crashes!

Multitasking Infinix

You cannot stabilise your connection as it keeps changing from 2G to 3G. Now tethering is a big issue. Maybe your connection is always wonky and unless you get thing capped at 3G it won’t work. Pain!

Let me stop. Here are the solutions. All these solutions are from Nixon Kosgey, @nixonnixus:

  • System UI Failure

Easy. Do a full reset from Recovery Mode.

My phone currently can’t access Recovery Mode. I get the Android Robot alright when I hold down power and volume up buttons but nothing else shows thereafter. So I had to try a Full Factory Reset from Settings. And it worked! No more crushes.

  • No 3G only Option

Simple. Download MTK Engineering Mode from Play Store and choose “WCDMA mode only” under MTK settings. Solved. It works.

If there are any other issues you are facing with the latest update, feel free to share them as it seems there are very good solutions from the comments I see.

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  1. The lollipop update
    Some apps can’t be installed at all.
    And if u was downloading any thing and u press the power button it stops everything.

    I hope i didn’t updated my phone

  2. Hello Friend,

    Please Help me

    when i upgraded my infinix hot note 2 GB , i choose format all + download

    after that , IMEI is N/A , i use MTK Engineering APK to restore IMEI again

    Network of two sim is working , but the network is down many times , also some times phone show that there is network , but in real no network signal ,

    And if i Make Airplane mode , then Return it again to normal , its take along time to open sim(s) network again

    there is any solution for this problem

    and Thanks for your Support

  3. yo i just did the update on my hot note, and ever since then the phone isnt coming on, is the update the problem and how can i fix it.

  4. Having pc connection problems… ……. Super fast charge is not working again.
    Note: i ddnt update it….. …… #hotnote

    1. I av gotten d solution…. Below is my original post somewhere….
      … ….. Its because d battery uptime is to high, u can find dis at battery under settings.. .. …. It also happened 2 me also. D timer starts immediately afta full charge. D higher d value, d longer it takes to charge, mine was already above 10days b4 i discoverd dat dat is d problem. U av to do a full charge to reset d timer back to zero, n it starts counting immediately u unplug it after d full charge… …. It took me approx 11hrs to charge it up to 100% n now its charging up fast like b4……..

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