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Infinix Hot 2 Launches as First Android One Device in Africa

The first Android One in Africa just launched and it is the Infinix Hot 2. You may not know about Android One. I did an article explaining it here.

Remember the Infinix Hot X507 that launched with really amazing specs at less than Ksh. 8000? Well, this will be its successor and will be available in Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco and the Ivory Coast.

Infinix Hot 2

It has a new design. You won’t believe one succeeds the other. Still maintains the no branding on the front. It is made of plastic and comes in many colours.

The screen is now HD at 720p resolution, still at 5.0 inches. The new design looks brilliant, simple and really borrows a lot from the Infinix Hot Note. I could basically say it is a small Hot Note.

The back camera is 8MP while the front one is 2MP. This is an improvement from 5MP on the X507. I really hope these are the same cameras used on the Hot Note as they were really good.

The processor is a 1.3GHz Quad Core chipset. RAM is 1GB and internal storage remains 16GB. You can add an external Micro SD card upto 32GB.

Apparently the battery is not removable. But it is 2200mAh.

The phone runs on 2G and 3G networks only.

It will launch at about Ksh. 9000. What do you think? Is it a good phone? Looks good. Plus those specs… Finally Android One comes to Africa. Let’s wait and see which phones will launch next.


  1. I got one too, from my friends in Jumia and the perfomance is pretty first. But having had, Marvel, Zero, Hot Note and now this, I think Hot Note is the real deal, battery wise, and Marvel is the thing in terms of camera. I may just hung on to it long enough to see the marshmallow. Just might

  2. Wow, I always complained that Google was not thinking about africa but this is surprising. I think they chose the best manufacturer, nice phone. Am considering buying one just for the OS updates alone and no bloatware.

    1. It’s like getting a Nexus at Ksh. 9000 only. I mean, the cameras are good, the design is nice, the screen display is enough…

      Waiting to see the Micromax Android Ones launch in Kenya.

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