General Problems with Cubot Phones

After the Cubot Note S, I never really focused on testing other Cubot phones because of all the promises the Note S gave but failed to deliver – good battery life and good cameras.

The phone was, for many people, probably the ‘answer’ to the long time question: can we get a really good phone at a cheap price? But it failed miserably for me. The 4150mAh battery didn’t deliver. The 8MP camera produced very bad quality images. And I wrote this post titled Problems with the Cubot Note S.

One thing however to note is that the Cubot Note S had a really good display. Read my full review. 

I later on realised, from Google searches, Online Fora, and emails from people with these devices, that Cubot phones, not sure if all of them or just some of them, generally have problems. And the major issues are always:

  • Battery
  • Cameras


I cannot explain the battery issues. I don’t understand why, for example, the 4150mAh Note S battery cannot last as much as a 3000mAH battery on the Infinix Hot 3.

Is it because the battery ratings are fake? Is it because there’s no proper optimisation to help reduce battery drain?

The former could be true. Because even using Greenify and other battery saving techniques the 4150mAh battery just couldn’t deliver.


I later on realised Cubot interpolate their cameras. Not that interpolating is bad because most, if not all digital cameras use some form of interpolation. But I think it is Cubot’s outright interpolation techniques that are really bad.

Interpolation in the simplest (and probably fakest) of terms is like claiming a 5MP Camera is 8MP using software techniques to make the lens capture “larger” photos.

So if you are getting a 13MP Cubot camera, it could just be 8MP interpolated to 13MP and that’s why you’ll really dislike the quality of pictures it takes.


If you have a Cubot phone, what is the best thing about the phone and what is the worst thing about it?

I shouldn’t judge all Cubot phones because of one device, and as such I will be looking for more Cubot devices to review in the coming weeks.

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I want to write something, especially, on the Cubot Rainbow that’s just Ksh. 7,499 on