Whenever there’s a ‘big phone’ or rather a phone I know many people will be/are interested in, I always try and get them to know about the flaws of the phone before they consider getting it.

The Cubot Note S is a big phone in terms of the sales I am expecting this new company to make. And for Ksh, 8888 ($88) the deal is somehow too good. But Infinix have just proved them wrong with the new Infinix Hot 3 for just Ksh. 7899 ($79). It’s a race to the bottom.

Here are some problems you’ll encounter with your Cubot Note S. I have been using mine for about 2 weeks now.


You should NOT buy this phone if you are looking for a good camera experience! Nope. The camera must be interpolated. It captures low quality, grainy, blurry photos. I thought it was just me at first. Low light photography is a mess. It can’t handle close shots. Zooming on something might bring tears to your eyes if you are big on photography.

Black Strip Around the phone display:

This may be minor to many. And more-so if you are using a black device. But I also have the white Model – which is honestly really beautiful – and the black strip around the display is a stress when display is on. When off, one can’t help but admire the uniform screen though.

Recent Apps button is a Menu Button:

I had been used to this ≡ being the Recent Apps button. It isn’t. On this phone it is a menu button. And to access your recent apps, you have to hold down the Home button (which most of us use for Google Now). It is a setting you have to learn to accept when using the device.


The phone has a huge 4150mAh battery. But there are a couple of issues:

  • Slow Charging
  • Loses charge on Standby even if you’re doing nothing. Leave the phone at 100% in the morning it’ll be 94%.
  • Battery calibration is an issue. For example charge drops very fast from 100% to 81% and stays at 81% for so long. Also drops very fast from 15% to 5% and it can take you almost 2hrs video to kill battery thereafter.

Just realised the phone has fast charging and flash charging. Flash charging is when connected to a computer. And Fast charging is when on the charging brick. I don’t know if it works as it showcases ads when charging. It might be a gimmick. 64% to 100% in 43 minutes, what do you think?

Phone App:

The phone app always insists on bringing the dialer whenever you go back from contacts to it. It is annoying and the only way around it is to get a new Phone App from Play Store.


All in all the Cubot Note S is a good phone!

  • It is very fast. Things run smoothly.
  • It has an incredible display. This is really the reason to get this device.
  • It has a simple and straightforward User Interface
  • Plus it is cheap, obviously.

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Tell me some issues you have encountered that I haven’t mentioned and share this with people who want to buy or already have the phone.