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Problems with the Cubot Note S

Whenever there’s a ‘big phone’ or rather a phone I know many people will be/are interested in, I always try and get them to know about the flaws of the phone before they consider getting it.

The Cubot Note S is a big phone in terms of the sales I am expecting this new company to make. And for Ksh, 8888 ($88) the deal is somehow too good. But Infinix have just proved them wrong with the new Infinix Hot 3 for just Ksh. 7899 ($79). It’s a race to the bottom.

Here are some problems you’ll encounter with your Cubot Note S. I have been using mine for about 2 weeks now.

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You should NOT buy this phone if you are looking for a good camera experience! Nope. The camera must be interpolated. It captures low quality, grainy, blurry photos. I thought it was just me at first. Low light photography is a mess. It can’t handle close shots. Zooming on something might bring tears to your eyes if you are big on photography.

Black Strip Around the phone display:

This may be minor to many. And more-so if you are using a black device. But I also have the white Model – which is honestly really beautiful – and the black strip around the display is a stress when display is on. When off, one can’t help but admire the uniform screen though.

Recent Apps button is a Menu Button:

I had been used to this ≡ being the Recent Apps button. It isn’t. On this phone it is a menu button. And to access your recent apps, you have to hold down the Home button (which most of us use for Google Now). It is a setting you have to learn to accept when using the device.


The phone has a huge 4150mAh battery. But there are a couple of issues:

  • Slow Charging
  • Loses charge on Standby even if you’re doing nothing. Leave the phone at 100% in the morning it’ll be 94%.
  • Battery calibration is an issue. For example charge drops very fast from 100% to 81% and stays at 81% for so long. Also drops very fast from 15% to 5% and it can take you almost 2hrs video to kill battery thereafter.

Just realised the phone has fast charging and flash charging. Flash charging is when connected to a computer. And Fast charging is when on the charging brick. I don’t know if it works as it showcases ads when charging. It might be a gimmick. 64% to 100% in 43 minutes, what do you think?

Phone App:

The phone app always insists on bringing the dialer whenever you go back from contacts to it. It is annoying and the only way around it is to get a new Phone App from Play Store.

All in all the Cubot Note S is a good phone!

  • It is very fast. Things run smoothly.
  • It has an incredible display. This is really the reason to get this device.
  • It has a simple and straightforward User Interface
  • Plus it is cheap, obviously.

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Buy from Jumia

Tell me some issues you have encountered that I haven’t mentioned and share this with people who want to buy or already have the phone.



  1. my cubot keeps on heating wenever i use internet or download stuff,and also,i have realised that am not able to acces recovery menu,it just either bypasses or show ‘no command’

  2. My cubot note s shut down all the time! I get a new battery but it is a s*it phone. Don’t buy a cubot note s…It is ridiculous

  3. The moment my Cubos S arrived from China, I had a bad feeling about it. First, it arrived with a European power supply that’s useless here in north America. Repeated requests to the company only got me the runaround.

    It’s only three months old….and totally unusable. The moment it boots up it RANDOMLY starts changing screens, opening and closing apps or widgets or calling google speak….. all by itself. I guess I got taken…so be wary.

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