Google Chrome Browser is the only App you need on your Windows Laptop

Not everyone... but we are almost there

Before some of you start screaming at me, this is for people who use their laptops for things like creating and editing documents, watching movies/videos etc, and web browsing. Which is most of us.

I have wanted a Chromebook for long. I even considered installing Chrome OS on my laptop but was held back by the fact that the process would be tiring and useless in the long run as the company doing this are focused on making the OS available for schools and young students. (NeverWare.com)

Chrome Apps
Chrome Apps

I Deleted Everything

Recently I made what many would call a radical decision. I deleted all my downloaded music MP3s and Videos and uninstalled Microsoft Office and all other unnecessary applications. I left my computer with only Chrome Browser, Adobe Reader, VLC Player and Telegram. Well there are the other apps that come default with Windows but I don’t use them. Because Chrome browser now does so much more for me.

What you can do on Chrome? (Rather what I do)

  • You can create and edit documents on Chrome (Online or Offline)
  • You can watch offline MP4 files on Chrome
  • You can edit Images (Online or Offline)
  • You can do every other Browser thing on Chrome

Chrome allows for many Extensions and Applications that can be installed to help add more functionality and productivity for users. For example I use the following Extensions and Applications:

  • Office Editing by Google (Click here) – Runs Offline and does everything you normally did with Microsoft Office
  • Pocket, Flipboard and Pinterest Buttons for quick share and quick save
  • Polar Photo Editor – (Click here) An App for Editing Photos
  • Be Limitless – (Click here)A plugin that makes my home screen look like so
Chrome Home Screen
The Info changes constantly…

I am not a heavy gamer and the only games I play are on my phone. I belong to the few that believe in the power of the smartphone to run everything we need in our lives. That’s why I really look forward to Samsung DeX being the future of computing.

Music & Other Tasks?

I have Apple Music on my phone. The phone has enough storage to handle my music library offline. If I want to watch a movie, I can get it offline on my laptop watch and then delete. YouTube can be accessed on both phone and computer and so can any legal (or illegal) streaming site.

If I want to edit a video, there’s Filmora App for Android. There’s also a desktop version but the Android version is enough for me.

Chrome Playing MP4 Video
Watching Offline Season 4 Silicon Valley MP4 File


Windows OS is growing with every update Microsoft is pushing (or has promised to). And I am sure it will be bigger and better for many more users. But for people like me who do simple tasks, the browser is everything, and Google Chrome Browser is doing just that for us.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to having a Chromebook soon and running my favorite Android Apps on it.

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