Best #WhatsAppDown Tweets during the Global Outage

WhatsApp is down. WhatsApp has been down for a while now. (Update: WhatsApp is back. Outage lasted over 200mins) And people are reacting to the outage in hilarious ways on Twitter. As usual Twitter is always pure comedy.

Some people didn’t get what was going on. So they restarted their devices a couple of times

Some are waiting to feel popular when the notifications trickle in

Some just noticed their life is not “a life”

What are you doing with your life?

Did you try to uninstall and install the app?

Here’s what’s trending:

No you’re lying:

Brains blowing up right now for the things they were sending

She had only started responding today after three weeks… then WhatsApp:

There are literally hundreds of #WhatsAppDown tweets being sent out right now.


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