One of the things I liked about the Infinix Note 4 was the camera. Not that it has over the top amazing cameras. No. But it has really decent cameras especially at its price point. Not everyone can afford really expensive phones. Not everyone with expensive phones takes really amazing pictures.

But here’s an affordable phone that takes good pictures. And with some skill, and good eye, my bro @arnoldjulian has been taking amazing pictures using his Infinix Note 4.

All the samples you’ll see here have obviously been edited. He uses Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop mainly.

Something you need to take note of is that both the Infinix Note 4 and the Infinix Note 4 PRO have the same cameras. So this post is essentially showing you what both the two phones can do

I have reviewed both phones on this site, so make sure you read the reviews:

  • Infinix Note 4 Review – here
  • Infinix Note 4 PRO Review – here

Here are some of the images. You can check out the rest that we’ve uploaded on Google Drive. The pictures have all image details from program, camera type, ISO, location etc. so every pro can check those out.

New Year Swimming Manenos

We were busy swimming, and he was busy taking pictures, and then I went to look at the pictures and was amazed.


Look at the detail in that flower


Looks like that Kenya Power ad from long ago


This is the one I chose as the Featured Image/Cover photo


This is just amazing!

And this


Even this shot of rain water on the window!


During my graduation, last Decemeber. This shot of Moi’s administration block is perfect.


Look at this one!


Okay wow.

Check out more pictures on the public Google Drive folder or on Arnold’s Instagram account -> @arnoldjulian.


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