TECNO announces new F-series of Affordable Phones running Android Oreo (Go Edition)

At the launch of TECNO’s latest phones in the CAMON series line up, TECNO announced three new devices: The TECNO F1, F2 and F3 (Pop 1). Which are meant to be low cost devices that take advantage of Google’s Android GO project for devices with 1GB RAM or less. All devices ship with Android Oreo Go Edition out of the box.

A while back, Google announced the Android GO project which I didn’t take so seriously because nowadays most phones have enough RAM and storage to guarantee performance. But, as it seems, many companies still make 1GB RAM phones, and these are more affordable for millions who are looking to own a smartphone.

TECNO Phones 2018
TECNO 2018 New Lineup

Transsion in partnership with Google is making it possible for many (starting in Nigeria this month) to own devices which can handle Android smoothly even though the specs aren’t quite there. This partnership with Google will hopefully evolve into many other sectors. Especially with the rumors that we might be seeing an Android One Infinix device soon.

However the best thing about the new affordable F-series is that they all have the new tall 18:9 full screens. It is obvious right now any company that launches a smartphone with the outdated 16:9 screens and large bezels will lose out.

What are your thoughts on the new F series? They will all

  1. have about 1GB RAM,
  2. all running Android Oreo GO Edition (most probably stock Android) out of the box, and
  3. they will all receive system updates faster. Plus,
  4. If you have around 10k or less, they will be the phones to get

Will you be getting one?


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