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itel S32 LTE impressions

itel’s new Smartphone is a 14k device with 2GB RAM, 16GB Storage, 4G/LTE Support, a 5.5 inch HD Display, 3000mAh battery and running Android 7 Nougat. But the headlining feature is obviously the dual front camera setup. It isn’t something new, but for some people it is a cool thing to have.

Outlininig different front camera itel s32 LTE
The tiny speaker grills are nice.

I have had the device for a couple of days now and here are my thoughts.

Nice Design:

It has a plastic back. But it is really shiny and good looking that many mistake it for a metal finish. Of course I prefer a metallic or glass phone, but getting that at this price point is impossible.

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itel s32 lte
Volume and Power Buttons

The good thing about the design is that it is different and it is a step in taking away the thought that affordable devices cannot be good looking.

itel s32 lte
The usual itel design at the top

And it doesn’t stop with just the device’s finish, the free included casing is also really good. Not only that it looks good, it feels good, and is hardy so more protective for your device. This is was a nice inclusion.

itel s32 lte
All companies should include such cases


It isn’t hard to have a 1080p display at this price right now. So it is kind of a bummer this is a 720p display. But it is a good one. Colors are vivid, though not very accurate. Plus it gets well bright outdoors. Indoors, for me, I need to slide it down to the minimum to comfortably use it.

itel S32 LTE
A lot of red going on

Below is my video unboxing it a couple of days ago:

Front Cameras:

They stand out not just because they’re two, but also because they kind of impressive for the price points.

itel s32 lte
LED Flash to the left

Though I see no point in having two front cameras. Especially with this device. The wide angle camera takes pretty normal shots. And the one that’s supposed to be the normal lens takes close up photos that look too close to be normal.

Back Camera:

itel s32 lteI am actually sort of impressed with the back camera. It takes pretty clean photos which I will share in the coming days. The problem I’ve noticed is that it takes quite some while to focus, which is expected with low end processors.

itel s32 lte

It also fails to impress especially if you’re in a very bright environment or in low light. But in general it isn’t a mediocre camera, and I’m sure you’ll love the pics I will share later on. Worth noting is that to get a good shot, one has to be really patient with the phone, and to make sure their hand is steady or you’ll end up with blurred pics.


Don’t get this phone if you are looking for a powerful device to game on or run heavy apps. This device is perfect if you want a device that can handle Social Media, simple photos, emailing and maybe watching movies (if you use your device for movies like some of us).

itel s32 lte
Normal microUSB. Would having USB type-C be a stretch?

It doesn’t stutter if the apps are light and it can comfortably handle multitasking and multi-window apps. There’s a lag sometimes when you launch an app, but negligible.

itel s32 lte
Maybe cover is meant to make it not lose the paint on the shiny cover


The battery isn’t amazing. It is good. But I expected more. I don’t know what the issue could be, but don’t expect long battery life on this device. Even standby time is bad. I leave it at 89% and wake up at 76%. No WiFi, No Simcard.

itel s32 lte
Another shot of that awesome plustic-rubber cover

Hopefully, an update checks what could be eating up battery when idle. I am not saying that it can’t last a day. It can, comfortably. I just expected better. But maybe I am over expecting from a 3000mAh battery. What I know is that it lasts a day on normal use.

itel s32 lte
Phone comes with screen protector already embedded



  • I fear that the shiny back cover may scratch off with time. I hope not. Will update in full review.
  • I fear battery standby may become worse with more apps. Hope update solves that soon. Will also update in full review.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Hi, I also make use of this wonderful smartphone the itel s32LTE but the issue I have with it is when sending a mail and I attach a document, it never goes. The mail will go just go empty. Have you also experienced this? Get back to me pls.

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