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Getting the most out of Safaricom’s #AsanteDataSunday Deal this Weekend

Safaricom will refund you all the data you use on Friday, kesho, and Saturday, keshokutwa on Sunday, mtondo. All the data. Like everything. Which means it’s time to find ways to use up data. Clever ways.

For me, the best way to maximise on this is to buy cheap data that’s a lot. For example under Tunukiwa Offers, you’ll get 2GB at 50 bob.

Safaricom Asante Sunday

First things first though:

  • Everyone – PrePay, Hybrid and PostPay- is eligible for this campaign.
  • Tomorrow and Saturday dial *444*20# to check up the amount of data you’ve used. So as to know how much you’ll be refunded, or to check refund balance on Sunday.
  • Refund will be received on Sunday 0000hrs. And the refunded data will expire Sunday 2359hrs.

That the refunded data will last only one day may seem to some people as a little, but there’s clever ways to make use of this. Remember, it is the Black Friday weekend. And there are a gazillion deals around.


If you have been waiting for Black Friday to get a good digital game offer, you know there are a couple of them. Games can be large files, and quite tasking if you don’t have Home Internet. But if one uses say a couple of 2GB bundles at Ksh. 50 (1000 bob means 400GB)  to download some games, and then uses the refund on Sunday to download more games… All you have to do is hope is the 4G+ speeds are maintained while you download.

If you’re into mobile games, you can download Asphalt 9 on Friday or Saturday and use the refund to download Fortnite on Sunday. Your choice.

TV shows and Movies:

Going to the festive season, you need movies and TV shows. Since I am not a gamer, I will use my time to download shows to watch over the holidays.

If you have a Netflix or Showmax subscription the better. I have a Showmax subscription and since Game of Throne Final Season is coming in April, I am planning to re-watch Seasons 5, 6 and 7. So this deal allows me to save some episodes offline on Friday and Saturday and then use up the refund on Sunday to save more episodes. In Full HD obviously.


It is the weekend. And if you have nothing to do, nowhere to be, YouTube is the best place. In my Favourite Android TV apps article, I said YouTube is my most used TV app. It is also where most of my data bundles go.

Watching my favourite Kenyan YouTubers on Friday and Saturday, and then getting a refund to watch even more on Sunday. Deal. If you decided to use your refund on YouTube, subscribe to, thanks.

YouTube also nowadays allows you to save videos offline. So you can save as many videos as you can afford on Friday and Saturday and then use the refund to save even more on Sunday so that your refund doesn’t expire un-used.


If you have a Deezer, Apple Music or even Songa subscription, and there are playlists you’ve really loved, this is also a chance to get them offline. All of them.

I am a Deezer subscriber, and this will be a good time to get a couple of their new 100% Artist playlists offline since I have over 400GB of empty storage hanging around.

Much more:

I will be using my data on Music, downloading shows and YouTube. But there’s much more one can do depending on their normal data usage. From:

  • Updating Apps
  • Instagram
  • Android System Updates
  • Windows Cumulative Updates etc.

What will you be doing with the refund? We all wish it would last even a week. But anyways.


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